8 Actors We Used To Sort Of Hate, And Now We Sort Of Don’t

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6. Hugh Jackman

As mentioned above, Jackman got off on the right foot, essentially debuting before most audiences as the much-loved Wolverine character in X-Men. After a memorable, and above all, competent performance, he went on a bit of a tear with the music and the dancing and the singing, which many found a little…off-putting. However, it’s as if Jackman put on a top hat, swung from a fake streetlight and bellowed out, “Love allllllllllllll of meeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Then he did The Prestige and we did.

5. Justin Timberlake

This guy did not have a whole lot going for him in the beginning. Sure, his presence in N*Sync afforded him some notoriety, and his relationship with Britney Spears did more of same. But no one was terribly eager to give this guy a chance. His work in Alpha Dog, though competent, was hardly earth-shattering, but after some appearances on SNL, two exceptional solo albums, and some distance from the train wreck that was Britney Spears, people started to realize this guy might not be so bad. While he hasn’t stunned anyone with his work in The Social Network, he’s regarded by most as a likable presence onscreen, which is a far cry from where he started.

Future Picks

4. Jamie Foxx

Jamie has done some great work over the course of his career, performing memorably in Collateral and Jarhead, while mesmerizing many in Ray. However, many had/have difficulty getting past what is perceived to be a cocky persona, shored up by his character Steamin’ Willie Beamon in Any Given Sunday. However, the Jamie Foxx holdouts might have less ammo against him now that he’s signed on to play the titular character in Django Unchained, Quetin Tarantino’s next project.

If Tarantino could get Travolta out of the doghouse, making Foxx likable should be a walk in the park.

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