Straw Dogs becomes available on Blu-ray™ and DVD December 20th, which means you can watch James Marsden house Alexander Skarsgard in the comfort of your living room. The story centers around Marsden, a big city screenwriter and his hot wife played by Kate Bosworth. When backwater locals notice that nerdy Marsden has a hot wife, they decide to terrorize the couple in the hopes of getting some. These dudes are total charmers.

The brewing conflict explodes and the couple must fight for their lives with James Marsden's character finding the guts to stand up for himself and his family. That's why you do not mess with a writer, and by extension a blogger. We're not afraid to get creative with power tools.

Take a look at all the Sony “Action Unleashed” DVDs!

The Crow

You simply cannot run around killing terrible musicians and their fiancées. Not only is it rude, but it's also dangerous. You never know when your victim is going to return from the grave with super powers and systematically kill you and your cohorts. Did you learn nothing from watching RoboCop?

Revenge of the Nerds

You can only be pushed so far, even if you're a nerd. When terrorized by the big men on campus, a group of nerdy students band together to turn the tables on the jocks. In this scenario, an upper-decker simply will not suffice. What they need to do is beat these jerks at their own game. Which means, they best them at the Annual Greek Games, steal their homes, and then their girlfriends.


When Roseanne Barr's husband Bob leaves her for another woman, she makes a list. On this list are the four aspects of Bob's life that he treasures -- home, family, career, and freedom. She then sets into motion cleverly-plotted revenge plans that see him homeless, jobless, hated by his children, and in jail. Though I guess that jail technically counts as a home. Didn't think that one through too well, did ya Roseanne?

Jaws: The Revenge

Jaws: The Revenge has a pretty open-ended title. To many, it may seem like a tale of one woman seeking revenge after great white sharks kill her husband, son, and attempt to kill the rest of her family. But what if it's actually the sharks that are attempting to get revenge? After all, the original Jaws was just hungry. Then some a-hole sheriff comes along and blows its head up. Sometime later, he electrocutes another shark. Fast-forward about a decade and that sheriff's son blows up a shark with a grenade. It's no wonder this Great White followed her down to the Bahamas for some revenge. It had every right. Too bad that it failed in its mission and got impaled by a bowsprit before exploding. Pretty sad ending if you think about it.

Kill Bill

If you're going to double-cross and kill an assassin, it's always a good idea to make sure you actually kill them. Otherwise, you're going to have a pretty annoying visitor show up on your doorstep someday. And if that assassin is carrying a sword or knows the deadly Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique, just run. You might take a sword to the back but at least they can't explode your heart without access to your chest.

Hard Candy

In Hard Candy, Ellen Page seeks revenge against a suspected pedophile by wooing him with the deadly combination of a pixie cut and a fondness for fruity mixed drinks. When Chris Hansen fails to enter the front door (meaning six more weeks of winter), Page takes matters into her own hands by entrapping the man in a psychological battle of wills that could ruin his life. All in all, it's a pretty intense film.


Oldboy is a revenge tale with a message. That message being that revenge is bad. Without given too much away, our protagonist finds himself in a situation that really makes him feel all pissed off inside. He does what anyone except Jesus would do, and goes house on his tormenters with a hammer. However, this eye for an eye mentality only complicates his life and unearths many dark truths that lead to regret.

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