7 Undeserving Movies That Managed To Score Oscars

Thursday, February 23 by

City Slickers – Best Supporting Actor

“Academy Award-winning film City Slickers

Try saying it and your tongue almost instantly rots and falls out of your mouth. This served as Jack Palance’s third Oscar nod, all in the Best Supporting Actor category. Of course, as his roles became few and far between, the Academy probably felt that Palance should get a nod before going the way of his character and dying slumped over on a horse.

Also, Billy Crystal was in this film, and we know how the Academy feels about Billy Crystal.

Ghost – Best Supporting Actress

Ghost managed to captivate Oscar voters in 1990 for some strange reason. It was nominated for five Academy Awards, winning for Best Original Screenplay and Best Supporting Actress. While Whoopi Goldberg may be among the least likeable folks in Hollywood, she’s demonstrated some serious chops as an actress, but Ghost pushes the definition of an “Oscar-winning film.” Granted, it didn’t win for Best Picture, although nominated, but it’s hard to see this film stealing anything from the juggernaut Dances with Wolves that year. Or winning anything, any year.

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