7 Undeserving Movies That Managed To Score Oscars

Thursday, February 23 by
When Oscars happen to bad movies. 

Despite taking place on the world’s biggest stage, the Oscars aren’t immune to strange anomalies that cause very bad films to win Academy Awards, thus cementing their status as an “Oscar-winning film.” I’m very aware that bad films can showcase great performances, or be based on great scripts, but running through this list still causes much head-scratching as you wonder at what point the Academy will just say, “Denzel is great, but we can’t in good conscience give Training Day an Academy award.”

Take a gander.

My Cousin Vinny – Best Supporting Actress

My Cousin Vinny, despite being marginally entertaining, is not a good movie. It stars Ralph Macchio\, for God’s sake. The performances in the film are largely wallflower-y or simply over-the-top. “Hey! I’m-a I-talian!”

I never really understood the praise for Marissa Tomei’s performance here, but it seemed universal enough that, as a dumb 13 year-old kid, I said, “huh,” and went on with my life. I was never the type of child that allowed Oscar nominations to ruin my week.

What Dreams May Come – Best Visual Effects

This movie ominously let us know what was to come from Robin Williams in the coming years. This movie served as a bombastic visual representation of what happens when a man and woman are reunited in the afterlife. It was perhaps the sappiest, sad-for-the-sake-of-sad film out there (until I saw The Gray), and didn’t really offer anything up in the way of a compelling narrative. The visual effects are striking, but so heavy-handed that it’s almost comical.

Williams should have stuck with the Mrs. Doubtfire and Good Morning Vietnam fare.

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