7 TV Assassins Who Almost Killed The Target

Saturday, April 21 by Gregory Wakeman


Assassins are pretty scary people. They have to be to kill people for a living. Of course, television assassins have to be even scarier to entice audiences.These characters often carry around with them some impressive weapons that can range from uzis to samurais to alien weapons that have yet to be unearthed by our planet yet. But most of the time they actually don't end up killing the people they have been hired to maim. But some do get pretty close. Here are seven TV assassins who almost killed the target.

Mandy Kirshner, "24"


Mandy was one of "24's" deadliest characters who always seemed able to get away from Jack Bauer and his fellow CTU employees. Mandy blew up a plane in season one before almost murdering President Palmer at the conclusion to the second series. But Palmer somehow miraculously survived with just a scarred hand for his troubles.

Brother Mouzone, "The Wire"


Brother Mouzone was one of "The Wire's" most stylish characters, what with his bow-tie. But as well as being an assassin he was also a rather sophisticated gentleman. Hired to kill Omar, Brother Mouzone comes close to killing him but fails and gets shot himself before they decide to work together to kill Stringer Bell.

Rasheen Ray & Petite Clayborn, "The Sopranos"


Tony Soprano is probably the most famous gangster in television history. And within his extremely dangerous position Tony's life has been threatened a number of times. The closest he has ever come to actually perishing was in season one when his Uncle Junior and mother conspired to kill him with Tony having to fight them off single handedly. Before crashing his car.

Stan Smith, "American Dad"


Seth MacFarlane's comedic creation is a dedicated family man as well as a professional assassin for the CIA. He works underneath Patrick Stewart's Avery Bullock and is often asked to murder several bad men but never quite manages to get it done. Possibly because he's an oaf, that tends to put a damper on things.

Paul Kellerman, "Prison Break"


Kellerman was an assassin/congressman who was President Reynold's personal bounty hunter who would kill anybody that the worlds most powerful man wanted to end. He wasn't able to kill everyone on his list but still ended up as a successful congressman come the series' end.

The Alien Bounty Hunter, "The X Files"


A deadly assassin needs to possess a few traits that sets them apart from their victim. "The X Files" Alien Bounty Hunter is a mute, muscle-bound, mysterious shape-shfting alien who also has acid for blood. Which makes him pretty unique. He managed to kill anybody who threatened the Colonists' conspiracy. He wasn't quite able to erase Mulder or Scully, though.

Mike The Cleaner, "Breaking Bad"


"Breaking Bad" has established itself as one of the greatest shows of the last decade. This is mainly down to the intriguing relationship between the drug making team of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman but there are a number of other characters which have helped to make the show immense. Mike the Cleaner is probably the most compelling of these and he often has to commit murder on behalf of drug kingpin Gus. He even comes pretty close to killing the shows main character Walt but never quite manages it.

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