When driving on the road you brush by many strange tall truck kings and road warriors. You just try to get by, not look at the driver, and move on. But one wrong move or turn and they can crush your little Fiat or Primus like a bug. So here are 7 trucker movies that will make you think twice about wanting to drive again on the road.

Black Dog

When Patrick Swayze gets behind the wheel of 18 wheeler big rig, it ain't Road House on wheels but it's crazy enough of a ride to pack in musicians Meat Loaf and Randy Travis with supporting roles and you don't want to mess with Swayze when he's got his driving face on. A bad ass who you want to do the driving when the bad guys come on board during a high speed chase across instate lines.


The man vs. truck movie that makes you never want to piss off a truck driver nor get back on the road again. As granddaddy TV western star Dennis Weaver plays a simple business man who cuts off the wrong truck on the road and faces one hell of day trying to lose it's tail and stay alive. Also directed this kid filmmaker by the name of Steven Spielberg, who you never heard from again.

Joy Ride

A goofy and violent trucker thriller co-written by J.J. Abrams with a lot spare parts of Duel in its engine block. As misfit brothers played by Paul Walker and Steve Zahn drive across the country, they pick up a CB radio and decide to play a dirty CB radio prank on the wrong truck driver. The first mistake is that the truck driver goes by the name of Rusty Nails. The second is Mr. Nails is voiced by Ted “Buffalo Bill” Levine and boy, does he make them put the lotion on their skin, as he stocks them from every roadside diner, public restroom, and fleabag motel this side of the Rio Grande.

The Road Warrior

The last 20 minutes of this superior sequel to Mad Max has one of, if not, the best car chase and crash scenes of the past 30 years. As our outlaw hero, Max, races down the highway with a 18 wheel tanker of petroleum and every post apocalyptic baddie in foot after him. A firestorm of crashes, flaming bodies, and purple mohawks catapult across the screen.

Maximum Overdrive

All the machines go loco and start attacking humans in this campy cult classic from Stephen King. One wicked piece of machinery is a Green Goblin faced truck that goes head to head with breakfast clubber, Emilo Estevez. It will make you think twice about pissing on a truck's radiator the next time your at local dive gas station.

The Wages of Fear

A two and half hour French trucker driver thriller about a group of men who try and escort tanker filled with nitroglycerin across the amazon jungle. Not only a white knuckle thriller that inspired many action film afterward but a hotly debated political film, as well. Made in 1953, it became an explosive piece of cinema as it criticized US backed oil regimes in South America, which lead to several minutes being deleted from US theaters.

Road Games

Rear Window meets Duel, as Stacey Keach and Jamie Lee Curtis play a truck driver and hitchhiker couple, who discover that their truck isn't the scariest thing on the road. When they notice a serial killer is playing games with them on the road and they must stop him before he makes them his next victim. Inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's classic given the open road treatment that shows even in the vast desert roads of Australia, terror and murder are only one car away from you.