7 Surprising Ways to Kill Aliens

Wednesday, April 4 by

Lead Sword – Lifeforce

When a mission to Haley’s Comet goes awry, the ship’s crew returns dead and with a cargo of space vampires (who are worse than Earth vampires). Luckily, it doesn’t take our heroes very long to discover that space vampires can be defeated by impaling them with a lead sword.

I’m no sword buff or anything, so correct me if I’m wrong. But is it common to make them out of lead? Seems that it would be a little heavy for waving around and pretending to use as a guitar.

Head & Shoulders – Evolution

Not only is Head & Shoulders effective for eliminating dandruff to give its users a flake-free shine. It’s also really effective in killing quickly-evolving alien organisms from a distant world. This is thanks to the presence of selenium sulfide in Head & Shoulders. It’s poisonous to the nitrogen-based lifeforms just as arsenic is poisonous to humans. Plus, it’s a must if you plan to wear any black shirts or jackets.

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