7 Surprise Hits Besides ‘The Devil Inside’

Monday, January 9 by

Paranormal Activity

Budget: $15,000 – Worldwide box office: $100 million

Everyone knows this story by now. Paramount released the micro-budget horror film as an experiment to see how audiences would react. The money came pouring in and the low-budget business model was put into place leading to big profit hits in Insidious, two Paranormal Activity/ sequels, and now The Devil Inside. Meanwhile, Hollywood’s big budget attempts at horror like The Wolfman and Drive Angry 3D fell flat.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Budget: $5 million – Worldwide box office: $368 million

My Big Fat Greek Wedding really helped the US Census to discover just how many Greeks actually live in the United States. The independent comedy from Nia Vardalos was a big hit with families and fans of racial stereotyping alike. And isn’t that what really brings us all together?

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