7 Surprise Hits Besides ‘The Devil Inside’

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I loved you in the Black Hole Sun video. 

Paramount’s The Devil Inside caused film analysts to spit out the water they’d just taken a big sip of when it debuted as the first huge hit of 2012. The film (which was made for $34) nabbed the top spot at the box office with an opening of $34 million. That’s huge! And good news for the creaky, breaking bones lady in the commercial; She’s certain to be the toast of the town now. Can’t wait to see photos of her breaking her bones for paparrazi outside da clubs.

What’s most surprising here is that The Devil Inside garnered the very rare F rating from a thing called CinemaScore that apparently Joe Q. “I Wanna See Bones Twist” Public doesn’t check in with before buying a movie ticket. That, combined with the impressive box office, make the film a surprise hit like the films listed below.

District 9

Budget: $30 millionWorldwide box office: $211 million

District 9 defied expectations when it toppled G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and The Time Traveler’s Wife in its first week of release. Very little was known about the film’s plot, lead, or director when it opened strong. Analysts then anticipated for its revenue to fall off after week one, following Cloverfield’sexample, but great word of mouth and awesome special effects pushed the sci-fi action commentary on to be a global phenomenon.

Slumdog Millionaire

Budget: $15 million – Worldwide box office: $362 million

Starring a cast completely unknown to American audiences, the Danny Boyle-directed film became the darling of the Academy Awards after its release in 2008. When the critics began to notice the film, the film then opened wide reaping a huge box office and making a household name out of Virendra Chatterjee.

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