7 Steamy Spanish Sex Scenes In Movies

Tuesday, July 10 by Tony Dayton

Spanish Sex Scene

The Spanish are some of the sexiest people alive; therefore, choosing seven steamy Spanish sex scenes in movies is rather simple. The Spanish are dark, beautiful, and often mysterious; all evident in the movies below. You will need two important items when viewing these movies: popcorn and some good hand lotion.


"Sex and Lucia"

This 2001 Spanish drama has one of the steamiest sex scenes in movies, which involves the sexy Paz Vega. In one particular scene, she blindfolds her lover while she teases him by rubbing first her tongue, then her nipples across his mouth before finally straddling his face. Bon appétit


"Jamon Jamon"

Featuring the lovely Penelope Cruz, "Jamon Jamon" is a 1992 Spanish film that features several steamy sex scenes. However, the one that stands out is where Cruz and her lover start getting hot and heavy at a local bar. They later end up doing the dirty on top of a hill, under a sunset, overlooking a highway. Muy bien!


"Huevos de oro"

This Spanish gem features a very steamy threesome. The two woman (one being the Spanish hottie, Maribel Verdu) are really going at it hot and heavy, making this one of the hottest Spanish sex scenes ever. Who says three's a crowd?!


"Y Tu Mamá También"

This sexy Spanish movie is based on two teenage boys who pair up with an older woman in search of a secluded beach that the boys made up in hopes of luring the attractive female. Eventually the girl ends up having sex with the boys, the best scene taking place on a small, twin bed in a hotel. She begins by seducing one of the lucky teens and it doesn't take long before they're into the rough stuff.


"Open Your Eyes"

Another movie starring the lovely Penelope Cruz, "Open Your Eyes" has a particular sexy scene where Cruze is straddling her lover. While there is far too much talking during this scene, it is hard to keep your eyes off Cruz's perky, pale breasts.



One of the best lesbian sex scenes of all-time is between Salma Hayek and Karine Plantadit in the 2002 movie, "Frida." In this scene, Hayek is laying in bed totally nude, while an equally naked Plantadit crawls in next to her. What takes place next is a lot of rubbing and kissing. Now that's what we call a steamy Spanish sex scene!


"Vicky Cristina Barcelona"

This sexy film is set in Barcelona, Spain and is directed by none other than Woody Allen. Many consider this to be one of the sexiest films ever, especially since it features a threesome between the lovely Penelope Cruz, Scarette Johansson, and Javier Bardem. Some guys have all the luck!

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