Bringing the testosterone to child management, dads get their day in the cinematic sunshine when they pull full time diaper duty. Watch the Mr. Mom stereotype get crushed as these 7 stay at home dads take on child rearing responsibilities and horrors graver than breast milk spit up.

Man, “The Road”

Technically these two weren’t “house people” but as the father spent every waking moment with his son the man from “The Road” has a strong pedigree as a stay at home dad. Between fighting off starvation and aficionados of “long pig” (Google at your own risk), the man still finds the time to tell his son that he carries his heart and faith inside of him in a scene that’s both affirming and gut-wrenching. A great movie to see, unless you planned on smiling by next week. 


Dennis, “Paranormal Activity 3”

One of the better times to have a stay at home dad around is when you’re a kid with a pesky invisible demon buddy. With Dennis’ career is in a valley instead of a peak, he gets to use his mad camera skills in “Paranormal Activity 3” to find out what is terrifying his future step-daughters. After all the bizarre stuff, you have to give Dennis credit for going out to find where his new family disappeared to during the night at grandmother’s house.


Charlie Hinton, “Daddy Day Care”

With the hard disconnect between over-involved career parent and ignored son, the unemployment of Charlie Hinton becomes a blessing. Being a stay at home dad also lets Hinton get beat down by a bunch of little kids, so it’s not just a sweeping epic of a father-son movie, “Daddy Day Care” has groin punches as well. The brawling vegetable scene is one for the books as it educates and entertains.


Jack Torrance, “The Shining”

Working from home gave Jack Torrance the ability to really reconnect with his wife and kid, and not just in an intangible emotional way but physically with an axe. More of a stay-at-hotel type dad, this working vacation became a special memory for the Torrance family in “The Shining,” something that no amount of therapy or Pinterest could ever erase. Bask in the love as Jack’s wife drags him into the pantry as she tries to ensure that he remain a stay at home dad.



A long time ago, before Soccer moms and dads would’ve formed a deadly mob to take out this single male adopting a mysterious child, Geppetto became one of the original stay at home fathers. Avoiding a Faustian bargain, Geppetto scores a son by wishing on a star. He then sets the record for losing a new child but, as evidenced by his new residence in the whale’s stomach scene of “Pinocchio,” shows he can go the distance for family.


Steve Freeling, “Poltergeist”

From successful realtor to permanent couch dad, Steve Freeling might smell of stale chips but he didn’t break when another dimension kidnapped his daughter. Sure he should’ve come up with using a freaking rope to get his daughter back but you can’t argue with his devotion to being near her by staying in the house twenty four hours a day. Watch him lose his mind when he finds out that his boss did the old bait and switch cemetery gag.


Odin, “Thor”

As long as you’re not a ruler that’s too hands-on like Vlad the Impaler, then being a stay at home dad is pretty much a snap. It’s even easier if you dropkick one of your two kids to another planet with a “don’t come back until you’ve learned your lesson” type of threat. Odin in “Thor” is the ultimate stay at home dad, he’s into adoption, into lessons on morality, and able to hand out the occasional butt kicking when his sons get way over their head in an accidental war with the Frost giants. Check out Odin’s ability to look good at the silly hat reception when his son shows up to claim the throne.