At one time or another we all want to watch a beer guzzling, greasy food smacking, and down right good jam session of music meets movie celluloid. Well, look no further as we give you 7 of the most deep friend southern music at the movies for your next background BBQ session or simple summer afternoon delight.

Willie Nelson's 4th of July Celebration

The deep-fried-booze and musical jam session of Woodstock or any other music documentary, this side of the Mississippi. As the red headed musician stranger, Willie Nelson, invite us to crack open a cold one or six dozen of them Lone Star beers, wash it down with a bottle of Jack Daniels and watch him and his fellow outlaw musicians like cool voiced Waylon Jennings, mad fiddler Doug Kershaw, and scene stealing emcee Leon Russell play for ya' at his annual 4th of July Picnic. A music documentary that will quickly become a tradition for your family and friends annual 4th of July celebrations.


Take This Job and Shove It

Based upon the popular song by country singer David Allan Coe, about a young corporate beer man comes back home to take care of the local brewery, only to find out they are shutting it down and make the small town go bankrupt. The movie itself is a like bad TV movie by the way of National Lampoon meets Country Music Television. This means a lot of random bar fights, dog leg humping, bathtub drinking, and monster truck races featuring the first movie appearance of monster truck Big Foot, A fun find to watch on a grainy old VHS copy and have few beers with your friends.


Based upon the one-hit wonder trucker song by C.W. McCall, we get the story of truck driver “Rubber Duck” played by country music superstar, Kris Kristofferson. As he and his fellow truck drivers Spider Mike, Pig Pen, and Widow Women barrel their way across the Arizona and New Mexico state lines against the menacing Sheriff Cottonwood. A huge hit back in 1978 and the biggest money making movie for action pioneer filmmaker Sam Peckinpah, who always claimed this to be his worst movie he ever made.

Honkytonk Man

Clint Eastwood dons the 10 gallon hat and sequins as a dying old country western musician needing a ride to Nashville. Eastwood puts this film as a family affair as he stars along and directs his son Kyle Eastwood, who plays his young nephew driving him across the country to Nashville and bonding with the curmudgeon old singer on their road trip there. A mostly forgotten piece of Eastwood cinema from those hazy 80s pictures he made in-between his Dirty Harry movies.

Love Me Tender

Elvis Presley's first feature film finds him playing a pacifist country singing southern during the Civil War. A breezy western that features him with his guitar and swooning young southern girls while playing one of his biggest hits from the movie's title song.

Crazy Heart

A lone bearded country musician roams around the southwest drinking, guitar picking, and fooling around with the local barmaids. This one had Jeff Bridges winning his Oscar for his cool swagger and grumbling voice. The first hour is a lot fun getting to hang out with this slightly over the hill country western musician but the second hour lays down boring romance and an odd teaming of Colin Farrell as another popular musician. Though any movie with T. Bone Burrett music supervising is worth a jam session or two.

Black Snake Moan

The story is an odd tale of southern sex, sweat, and music with Samuel L. Jackson help curing a sex manic played Christiana Ricci through the power of his electric guitar. The story is really second wing to the awesome blast of music that filmmaker Craig Brewer packs into the local dives and shacks of the local Mississippi town.