7 Shittiest Television Christmas Specials

Monday, December 5 by
Rudolph and Herbie v2.0 

It’s that magical time of the year again. A time to sit through sh*tty Christmas special after shitty Christmas special. Instead of filling the heart with holiday cheer, these read more as long toy commercials, blatant cash grabs, or chilling reminders of our own mortality. This is totally redundant. I don’t need any help getting depressed around the holidays. The holidays usually just take care of that themselves. But thanks for the assist, Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Outlined below are seven of the all time worst Christmas specials the networks have ever crammed down our chimneys. And, no, the Star Wars Christmas Special didn’t make the Worst Of list. It took balls to make it, and nerve like that deserves reward.

Shrek the Halls

When America screamed “No more Shrek movies!!,” the studio actually listened. However, nobody said anything about television holiday specials. Hence, Shrek the Halls. And wouldn’t you know it? All of Shrek’s attempts to pull off an awesome holiday fall flat and get screwed up by a wacky cast of fairy tale characters. Poor guy just can’t win.

A Very Brady Christmas

The Brady Family gets back together in one place for the holidays. Unfortunately, we’re invited to watch as well. It’s always awkward to share the holidays with someone else’s family, but even worse when the now grown children are neurotic messes. Jan is headed for divorce, Greg’s wife doesn’t want anything to do with him, Peter is intimidated by his bossy girlfriend and can’t get it up, Marcia married a bum, and Bobby has secretly dropped out of college. That sounds almost as bad as all the stuff that actually happened to the actors who play them.

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