7 Sequels Of Remakes Hollywood Felt Were Necessary

Wednesday, February 8 by

Wrath of the Titans

Following up on the 2010 remake Clash of the Titans, that was somehow a box-office success despite critical panning, producers and star Sam Worthington have promised to fans that the sequel will differ than the original remake (kind of a paradox, but whatever) in that it will “not suck” (quotes mine).

The original Clash of the Titans was a 1981 adventure film that followed Perseus, more or less in accordance with the original Greek myth. It wasn’t Shakespeare or anything (though it did star Lawrence Olivier), but it was a modest hit in its country of origin, Britain, and abroad.

Will Wrath of the Titans recapture that magic?


The Fly II

Based on the 1986 remake and not the 1958 B-movie original, The Fly II is better than the original and its sequel (Return of the The Fly), but still seems gratuitous, despite Frank Darabont’s script and Eric Stoltz’s competent performance.

Of course, given the outcome of the Cronenberg 1986 film, the sequel focuses on Jeff Goldblum’s character’s son, so it’s one of those “Son of…” sequels that never, ever seem to work except on a camp level.

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