7 Scandals More Ghetto Than Demi Moore Using Nitrous

Thursday, January 26 by

Daniel Baldwin – Grand Theft Auto

It’s one thing to get picked up for drugs, drunk driving, or tax evasion. It’s even commonplace to see allegations of assault or rape tossed around. But seeing a (barely) legitimate actor has been picked up for stealing a car is wildly awesome in a way very similar to finding out that Demi Moore has been huffing nitrous.

It turns out that he actually “stole” the car from an acquaintance, and the charges were later dropped, but my connotation will always be “Daniel Baldwin – actor and car thief.”

Vince the ShamWow Guy – Beating A Hooker

Vince got in a little bit of legal trouble after he beat a hooker in his hotel room. To be fair, he claims she bit his tongue. I would be upset, too, if I ordered a hooker and she bit me and that’s not something I asked her to do to turn me on.

Humorously, the hooker, Sasha Harris, was able to get a few punches in as well, leaving Vince pretty jacked up. Following the incident, ShamWow sales plummeted. Just kidding. They probably rose. The only way this could have been more ghetto than Demi’s trouble was if he had been doing nitrous while he was beating her. That would have been great!

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