In Honor Of The NYC Marathon: 7 Memorable Runners From TV And Film

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Mitch McDeere – The Firm

He gets extra points for running down his neighborhood street in a suit. This clip was prominently featured in the ad campaign for the film, so it was something of a disappointment when we learned that he’s just running to catch his wife, who is for some reason upset to learn that they are in danger because her dumb husband took a job representing the mob for a crooked Memphis law firm. So basically, this running results from feelings.

We included it anyway.

Any Jogger In Law & Order

Sure, we don’t get to know the individual characters very well, but we do get familiar with the archetype: anonymous jogger in some unidentifiable park (rarely Central Park, strangely enough) is out getting some exercise on a brisk spring day, unaware that they are going to encounter a dead body when they either stop to tie their shoe or when they do that really dated thing when they stop and take their pulse. New York City joggers in Law & Order are like the bloodhounds of Manhattan.

Eric Lidell, Harold Abrahams – Chariots of Fire

This is the one film on this list that is actually about running. Despite the inherent lack of drama in running (over the course of the film; in small doses, it’s fine), this film’s portrayal of anti-semitism and two men who inspire each other to perform better resonated with critics and audiences in 1981, when it won a whole grip of Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Screenplay, and Best Score.

Also, it inspired a whole generation of goofy folks to sing the film’s theme while running on the beach. Yay!

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