Between Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and FDR American Badass!, it's safe to say there's a lot about our former presidents of which we're not aware. Of course, that might have something to do with the fact that the films are largely fictitious, but I digress. Hopefully the popularity of these films (how could they fail?) will lead to a new trend that kicks over the stones on several presidential lives.

The reimagined stories of these men run the gamut from science-fiction to action to horror to romance to drama. They deserve to be told.

William Henry Harrison

Everybody knows that William Henry Harrison died on his 32nd day in office. But very few know that on his 33rd day... he came back.

Returned to the world of the flesh with no memory of the afterlife (and completely cured of pneumonia), Harrison begins to experience strange dreams. The puzzling images in his dreams foretell that Hell itself will open on Earth. When new President John Tyler refuses to take action, Harrison must rise to the challenge, no matter the sacrifice.

Theodore Roosevelt

The 26th President of the United States was known for being brash and surly, but little is known about his past. Mistakenly considered a "sickly" child, Roosevelt was anything but. In fact, thanks to a unique gene mutation, Theodore Roosevelt was able to heal from all injuries at a rapid pace. This edge made him a talented boxer, much to the chagrin of fight fixers who hire assassin to execute him. However, given his ability, Roosevelt survives the attack whereas his bride succumbs. Hellbent on revenge, young Roosevelt tracks the assassin for years. Will he be able to feed the assassin his own blade when he learns that it's his own brother?

Thomas Jefferson

Known to all as a genius, Thomas Jefferson's mind was much more wondrous than any of us really knew. Able to crack coded messages with ease, Jefferson was under increasing pressure on a daily basis. This pressure caused his grip on reality to collapse as he began to see people and events that lived solely in his mind. However, the love of Sally Hemings, his Monticello slave, was the only salve that could offer the brilliant but fractured man ease.

Jimmy Carter

One evening in October of 1969, Jimmy Carter spotted an unidentified flying object hovering above the pines bordering a Leary, Georgia Lion's Club. Two years later, he became governor. Six years after that, President of the United States. Though he claims that he doesn't believe the object to have been an alien craft, this film tells what really happened that night in Leary that could propel a peanut farmer to the office of president in less than a decade.

George W. Bush

In a voodoo plot to steal the presidency, the Prime Minister of Jamaica gives George W. Bush a strange artifact. The small statue casts a spell on any who touch it, causing them to trade bodies with the first person they make eye contact with. The Prime Minister's plan backfires when the president accidentally swaps bodies with the first family's pet, Barney.

The president (now in dog form) must figure out a way to break the spell before anyone notices. To make matters worse, he also needs to make sure the power doesn't fall into the hands of Dick Cheney. Based on a true story.

Andrew Jackson

A participant in over 100 duels, Andrew Jackson was never one to back down from a fight. Especially when the honor of his wife, Rachel, was called into question. Rachel dies suddenly under the stress caused from accusations of bigamy. Jackson vows to never forgive her accusers, wiping them out one by one in what looks like a series of isolated accidents.

Lyndon B. Johnson

Always the ladies man, Johnson kept a rotating roster of secret girlfriends. With the help of the Secret Service, he carried on affairs right under his wife's nose. Using his charm and presidential status to bed women is second nature for LBJ, who hops from one lover to the next. As he grows older, these relationships change and his public image suffers as a result of the Vietnam War. This causes Johnson to end his presidency and question his empty existence.

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