7 Reasons Why The People’s Choice Awards Are For #ssholes

Thursday, January 12 by

CSI Beating The Sopranos in the Drama Category

That’s right. In 2005, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation won in the category of best television drama. It was up against The Sopranos, which is regarded by many as one of the deepest and most compelling dramas ever televised. In fact, it essentially redefined the television landscape, paving the way for shows like Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and Boardwalk Empire. The only thing that CSI paved the way for was watered-down versions of CSI.

Favorite Reality Show – Competition, Makeover, and Other

The glut of reality shows on television has lead to a glut of reality show categories at awards shows. It only makes sense. You wouldn’t judge a comedy against a drama, a song against a painting, or a poo-poo against a pee-pee. So, why would you compare Extreme Makeover to American Idol or Dance Your Ass Off? Wait a minute. Dance Your Ass Off is both a makeover show AND a competition. So… do we classify that as other? The system is broken!!!

And that is my round-up of The People’s Choice Awards. I am now dumber for having researched it. Does that make me eligible to vote?

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