Cowboys are great subjects for movies. They lead lives of excitement and danger, get into bar fights, and use colorful expressions such as "y'all" and "howdy." And sometimes, a cowboy's allure becomes so great that he has a movie (or six) made about his life. These seven real-life cowboys have tasted a bit of that Hollywood fame - yee-haw! And be sure and check out Wyatt Earp’s Revenge, which tells the untold pre-O.K. Corral story of the legendary lawman and his adventures with the best of the west (available on DVD March 6th).

Wyatt Earp

Wyatt Earp is probably the cowboy that's had the most movies about him. His famous "gunfight at the OK Corral" has been adapted by everyone from John Sturges to John Ford, and has been played by everyone from Kurt Russell to Randolph Scott - he's even set to be portrayed by Harrison Ford AND Val Kilmer in two separate upcoming projects.

Jesse James

One of American history's most notorious outlaws, Jesse James has also been the subject of several films. He was even played by his own son, Jesse James, Jr., in two silent films in the 1920s. Reed Hadley played him in Samuel Fuller's I Shot Jesse James, and he was most recently played by none other than Brad Pitt in the critically acclaimed (and fantastic) The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.

Doc Holliday

If asked, Holliday would probably list his profession as "dentist" rather than "cowboy," but today he's most famous for his friendship with Wyatt Earp, so he stays in (how many of these guys actually worked with cows, anyway?). Like Earp, he's famous for his participation in a gunfight at a certain Corral, against a band of outlaw cowboys. And he's been played on the big screen by Val Kilmer, Dennis Quaid, Kirk Douglas, Victor Mature, and many others.

Pat Garrett

The lawman who famously killed outlaw Billy the Kid, Garrett rode that act to vicarious Hollywood fame in movies like Sam Peckinpah's Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid, in which he is portrayed by the legendary James Coburn. His story has been turned into numerous other films, most of which center on the more famous Billy the Kid - speaking of which:

Billy the Kid

A famous outlaw much like Jesse James, Billy the Kid was both an infamous killer and a beloved folk hero. On screen, he's appeared in films directed by Sam Peckinpah, Howard Hughes, Marlon Brando, and Arthur Penn. Billy himself has been lucky enough to be portrayed on screen by Paul Newman, among others. The films tend to alternate between Billy the folk hero and Billy the killer (or are pitched somewhere in between), but as long as people remain fascinated by outlaws, there will probably continue to be versions of his story in a theater near you.

Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid

Most famously portrayed by Paul Newman and Robert Redford, respectively, in the movie that shares their name, ol' BC and the SK are famous for their series of successful train and bank robberies carried out before their violent deaths. Like many real-life figures of the west to have their lives turned into movies, the public has been divided over whether they're disgusting criminals or brave heroes. The truth probably lies somewhere in between, although any pair to be played by Paul Newman and Robert Redford can't have been all bad.

Calamity Jane

I figure I should include at least one female here - cowboys are known for their progressive attitudes toward women in the workplace. Anyway, she could beat up me and probably most of the people reading this, so why not? On screen, the tough frontierswoman ("cowgirl"?) has been played by Jean Arthur, Jane Russell, Ellen Barkin, and even Doris Day. Famous largely for her association with "Wild" Bill Hickok, she's managed to become an icon of the West in her own right.

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