Remember when you were a teenager? All you wanted to do was go to parties, concerts, make friends, hang out with your girlfriend/boyfriend and have fun! Well for nostalgia's sake, or if you are a teenager looking to watch a movie you could never watch with your parents, take a look at any of these seven raunchy funny teen movies.

“Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle”

This is definitely one of our favorite raunchy teen movies. The movie starts out when two friends, Harold (John Cho) and Kumar (Kal Penn) smoke pot and get high, which naturally leads them to a bout of the munchies. They’re sitting in front of the TV when they see an advertisement for White Castle. Their jaws drop and they leave the apartment to go get some burgers—which puts them on a wild chase fraught with all types of peril. It's the journey, not the destination, in this flick.


After Scotty’s (Scott Mechlowicz) gorgeous girlfriend Fiona (Kristen Kruek) breaks up with him he is absolutely devastated. His friends tell him that once he tells his pen pal Mieke about his breakup, he will start to flirt and try to visit him. This is just what happens and Scotty turns him down. The story takes a turn when Scotty finds out that Mieke is actually a beautiful blonde girl, not a boy! He gets on the first plane to Europe with all his friends to find her and apologize.

“American Pie”


Released in 1999, “American Pie” is one of the most loved teen movies of the last twenty years. It revolves around a dorky high school student Jim (Jason Biggs) who makes a pact with his friends to lose his virginity before prom night. The pact puts the boys in awkward and hilarious situations that will make you laugh until your ribs hurt! Also, there's a penis in a pie.

"Road Trip”

“Road Trip” is a truly unique comedy. When Josh accidently sends a video of him having sex with another girl to his girlfriend living in another state, he has to do everything he can to stop her from seeing it. What ensues is a mad dash across the country that sees the boys get into, out of, and then into more trouble. Its full of dirty jokes and sexual innuendos cracking you up throughout.

“National Lampoon’s Van Wilder”


Van Wilder (Ryan Reynolds) is popular, good looking, charismatic and has been a college student for seven years. Finally, his father gets fed up of him leeching off of him for tuition and decides to cut him off. Simultaneously, a super sexy girl (Tara Reid) decides to write a story about him for the school newspaper. All manner of college shenanigans take place, including more than a few gross-out gags that most parents wouldn't really care for.

“Knocked Up”

When a beautiful and successful woman (Katherine Heigl) has what was supposed to be a one night stand with Ben (Seth Rogen), her life takes a crazy turn. Instead of never seeing Rogen again, she gets pregnant with his child. Unsure what to do, Heigl is conflicted and Rogen’s childish behavior is no help. There's stoner antics, sexual antics, and enough F-bombs to make Red Foxx blush. You know, if he weren't dead.

"40 Year Old Virgin”

Dorky Andy (Steve Carell) is exactly what the title says—a 40 year old virgin. He has tried many times to lose his virginity but it has never gone as planned. One night after accidentally revealing this to his friends during a drunken night of poker, they make it their mission to get him laid. From that point on, you will be laughing non-stop at their efforts and his awkwardness around the ladies!