They're tough, they're cool, they're frrrrightening (L7 references for the win)! Punk rockers, the real punks and anti-authority folks, are a rare breed these days, but they still exist as Stieg Larsson and his "Girl With The Dragoon Tattoo" story has shown us. Fortunately, the Ghost of Cinema Past has been kind to us, and we've got plenty of examples of authentic punks and riot girls who would kick the crap out of Taylor Swift. Seven examples, to be exact!

Lydia Lunch, "Black Box"

Lydia Lunch is badass, and could probably beat the crap out of most men. Apart from being a musician with "a big f****** attitude," Lydia also dabbled in cinema, such as when she appeared in 1979's "Black Box." She looks as tough on screen as she does on stage. Which is to say really, really tough. Sure, the movie is a total B flick, and it has an absurdly short  run time. But for any punk fan or "No Wave" fan, "Black Box" is a must-see, and so is Lydia Lunch.

Corinne Burns, "Ladies and Gentleman, The Fabulous Stains"

In 1982, a young Diane Lane donned the heavy eyeliner and makeup and took on the role of Corinne Burns in "Ladies and Gentleman, The Fabulous Stains." The story about a young girl who fronts a punk band after her mother's death and achieves stardom is a familiar one, but it hadn't been done like this, at least not before 1982. Corinne Burns is a tough punk chick who you don't want to screw with.

Tank Girl, "Tank Girl"

Lori Petty, fresh from her role as Kit in "A League of Their Own," totally transformed her looks for the title role in "Tank Girl." And what a job she did, setting fanboys' hearts a-flutter with her tough persona and somehow-attractive punk look. Maybe it was because she sort of looked like Gwen Stefani back when No Doubt first hit it big, or maybe it's because "Tank Girl" is a totally weird and cool flick, but Lori Petty rocks, and she rocks hard.

Valerie Jean Solanas, "I Shot Andy Warhol"

This movie is about Valeria Solanas, the former colleague of Andy Warhol who shot the controversial artist, although Warhol survived. What makes her a punk chick? Well, how about an abusive home life that led her to work as a hooker, before she learned that she had a knack for writing and a zeal for the unusual, which led her to New York City's underground scene. It was a place that was as far from the norm as it got in those days, which puts her high on the list of real-life punk chicks.

The Lizzies, "The Warriors"

"The Warriors" was a fun '70s flick about feuding New York gangs. The gangs each had a gimmick, from the baseball wielding Furies to the tough chick-gang The Lizzies. These girls were as mean and as brutal as any of the male gangs, and perhaps even more so. Their cavalier attitudes and ruthless methods make them stand out even to this day. Go ahead and check out "The Warriors" and see if you don't agree.

Charlie Chambliss, "Reform School Girls"

Charlie Chambliss was played by Wendy O. Williams. Wendy may have been the ultimate real punk rocker to ever exist. She's the type of girl who would have chewed up a poseur like Avril Lavigne and spit her out without batting an eye. Wendy was once jailed for using a sledgehammer handle as a masturbatory aid, and it was this type of spirit and attitude she brought to the role of Charlie.

Varla, Rosie, and Billie, "Faster Pussycat! Kill, Kill!"

This movie, upon its release, was heralded by some as the beginning of the end for society. The thought of beautiful women rebelling against a society who loves them only for their looks was, in 1966, considered very controversial. And for good reason, because these three ladies are brutal in a way that their male counterparts couldn't imagine. With a combination of beauty, brains and cunning destruction, "Faster Pussycat" may have been the genesis of the punk girls in cinema!