The story about a puppet whose nose grows when he lies and has a number of adventures is one of the best known stories in the world, despite being relatively strange when you break it down in context. It's basically about a wooden android who turns into a real boy, thanks to a magic cricket. For some reason, people keep remaking the story, hoping to get something else out of it, besides money. Below are a list of all the "Pinocchio" movies that put a spin on the classic tale.


"Pinocchio" (Disney Original)

The Disney original is undoubtedly the best, not just because it was the first but also because it tackled the story so perfectly. It appealed to children and adults alike, had wonderful animation, and is still considered one of the greatest films the Mouse Studio has ever made.


"Pinocchio" (2002 remake)

This embarrassingly bad live action remake from Roberto Benigni is one that should be completely forgotten and never watched. For some reason, Benigni believed he could play a puppet and, as usual, only came off as incredibly obnoxious. If you're a Benigni fan, you might enjoy it, but even then it is a stretch.


"Pinocchio" (from Guillermo Del Toro)

This new remake of "Pinocchio" may be the most promising one yet, as it is from one of the most talented and fascinating directors in Hollywood, Guillermo Del Toro. Known for his vast imagination and ability to make things truly come to life, he will be using stop motion techniques for his vision of "Pinocchio" due out in 2013 or later.


"The Adventures of Pinocchio"

A 1996 remake starred Martin Landau and Jonathon Taylor Thomas and was more creepy then heartwarming, even though it was meant for kids. However, it wasn't totally awful, just quickly and easily forgettable.


"The New Adventures of Pinocchio"

A sequel to "The Adventures of Pinocchio" seemed like a good idea to someone in the number crunching department at the studio and for some reason this film was made. It was just as creepy and weird and convinced everyone that this version of the films should be quickly tossed in the fireplace.


"Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night"

What? An animated adventure movie made in the late 80's followed Pinocchio and his friends as they go to do something relatively pointless, or more specifically find a magic music box. They run into the dark emperor of night, which sounds cool, but isn't. You've never heard of this version for good reason.


"Pinocchio's Revenge"

A horror version of the "Pinocchio" tale? Sign us up. This is little more then "Child's Play" with a doll that looks like "Pinocchio," but who cares? After all the bad remakes of this story, it's nice to see the puppet enact some revenge and gut a few idiots onscreen.