7 Pearl Harbor Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

Wednesday, December 7 by

Winds of War

Based on the meticulously researched novel of the same name, The Winds of War mini-series was overseen by the source material’s author, Herman Woulk. He had a lot of influence over the entire production, right down to mandates about how many commercials should be allowed to air during it. He handled the adaptation like an egg baby from Sex Education class, but despite his careful efforts, the mini-series was panned due to the performance of lead actress Ally McGraw.

Run Silent Run Deep

Clark Gable stars as a Navy submarine commander hellbent on sinking the Japanese destroyer that sunk his previous boat. The film also marks the film debut of Don Rickles, who is no stranger to attacking the Japanese.

In Harm’s Way

Perhaps an inspiration for Michael Bay’s Pearl Harbor, In Harm’s Way stars John Wayne, Kirk Douglas, and Paula Prentiss. The plot follows navy officers who have to say goodbye to their best girls when they are suddenly thrust into war following the attack. The girls are much hotter in Pearl Harbor. Advantage: Bay.

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