7 Old School Movie Quotes That You’ve Heard at a Frat Party

Wednesday, November 16 by Leah Kayajanian

Ah, fraternity! It's a place where, in the spirit of brotherhood, you can drink excessively and build relationships by quoting classic movies like "Old School." People bond over what they find funny, so it's no surprise when a frat party turns into an "Old School" quote-a-palooza. "Old School" is one of those movies that's quotable, relateable and, like the movie's main characters, gives you a chance to re-visit the college lifestyle that a lot of people look back on as the "glory days." The following "Old School" quotes take us back to a time where the titties were plentiful and the beer spewed infinitely as we celebrated the beautiful freedom of college.

"You're my boy, Blue! You're my boy." Probably the most quoted line from the movie, Frank (Will Ferrell) delivers this line while sobbing at Blue's funeral just before jumping into his rendition of "Dust in the Wind." Leave it to Ferrell to pull off sincere sadness and get the laugh at the same time.

"Max, can you earmuff for me? We are going to get so much ass here, it's going to be sick. I'm talking like crazy boy band ass." Beanie (Vince Vaughn) plays a charming Vince Vaughn-y character who delivers his lines like machine-gun fire. You have to listen carefully to catch his quick wit. This quote also shows Beanie's endearing quality: he way he protects his son from hearing bad language throughout the film. "Earmuffs," he says.  

"Just ring the fucking bell, you pansy." When Frank asks the ill-fated Blue if he's okay with kicking off the mud-wrestling match that eventually causes his demise, the 90-year-old responds with this line. It's one of those moments that often plays out in real life, when the young guy assumes the frailty of his elder and the old guy has to defend his manhood. 

"I'm here for the gangbang." After poor Mitch (Luke Wilson) walks in on his girlfriend to find that she has a fetish for multiple sexual partners, he opens the door to some guy (Todd Phillips) sporting a velvet jacket and just the right kind of mustache. Billed as "Gangbang guy," Phillips delivers one line just before the scene breaks, but it's funny enough to make it into the most memorable quotes of this highly quotable flick.

Peppers: "You got a fucking dart in your neck man." Frank: "Y-You're crazy, man. You're crazy. I like you, but you're crazy."  When a mulleted Peppers (Seann William Scott) shows Frank his tranquilizer gun, Frank shoots himself in the neck, kicking off the funniest scene in the movie. Frank smiles and Pepper's face goes out of focus just before Frank disrupts a little boy's birthday party by almost drowning.

"Fill it up again! Fill it up again! Once it hits your lips, it's so good!" Will Ferrell is just too damn quotable; he's a scene stealer in any movie. In "Old School" when he decides to bong a beer at a frat party and gives way to his drunken alter-ego, Frank the Tank, he becomes what every frat boy not-so-secretly wants to be: The guy who yells things that everyone else will quote the next morning.

"What we need to do is throw a big kick off, kick ass party." Classic Vince Vaughn stylings complete with weird syntax, this is just the perfect thing to say to kick off a movie blowout, but it also works in real life. Skeptical? Try it out. Say it to your friends when you find out one of them is pregnant. Say it to your mom when it's time to celebrate her hip replacement. 

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