The worst "American Idol" contestants are hard to narrow down if you choose from the first round, as the best part about "American Idol" are the moments when all the freaks come in and try to sing for the judges and are ridiculed on national television. However, it's a bit easier to narrow down when you have contestants who have made it to the next round and are isolated on stage in front of a bank of cameras. Check out the five worst who ever made it to this point of the competition.

Jason Castro, Season Seven.

Jason had long dreads and strummed an acoustic guitar. He may have been decent looking, but he was not a good musician-so bad that even he admitted that he wasn't very talented at music.

Clay Aiken, Season Two.

High-pitched, obnoxious and not original in the slightest, Clay Aiken is probably one of the worst "American Idol" contestants ever, despite legions of strangely loyal fans that would beg to differ. He actually won season two, which made many legitimate viewers stop watching the show.

Kristy Lee Cook, Season 7.

Despite trying to woo voters through songs about Jesus and America, Kristy Lee Cook was one of the worst American Idol contestants. She couldn't sing and was clearly trying to hard to be likeable, something that is very noticeable on stage.

Katharine McPhee, Season Five.

McPhee thought she was the best singer of season, and just a few episodes show that she clearly was not. She would talk back to the judges regularly, showing off her cockiness and making her even more unlikable.

Kellie Pickler, Season Five.

Dumb blonde to the max, Pickler was not only obnoxious, but also talent-less. It's shocking she made it as far as she did, as every time she was on screen it was a challenge to watch...or listen.

Taylor Hicks, Season Five.

Gray hair, a mediocre sense of style and no real talent makes it a wonder that Taylor Hicks actually won "American Idol". Maybe it was because he was up against Katharine McPhee, who was evil incarnate, or just not nearly as good.

Ryan Starr, Season One.

Talentless and dressed like a slut, Ryan Starr (which, surprise, isn't her real name) was more fun to watch onscreen then most "American Idol" contestants, but was painful to listen to. It was sort of a win-win situation, in a sense, as you knew just about everything she said was digging her own grave a little deeper.