Nowadays vampires are all the rage. They're in so many movies and TV shows, trying to blend in and live as normal citizens. They live, love and balance blood and nature all at once. But even though we do adore friendly vampires like Edward Cullen, there are also evil ones out there. When we come across one these horrid vampires we turn to the most badass vampire killers ever to teach them a lesson! Take a look at a few of out favorite slayers from movies.

"Jonathon Harker"


Jonathon Harker is the original vampire slayer from Bram Stoker's book. He's been portrayed in many movies by many different men. One of our favorites is Keanu Reeves as Jonathon Harker in the 1992 "Bram Stoker's Dracula". This Dracula movie was a horror-romance movie directed by Francis Ford Coppola featuring music by Annie Lennox. Harker travels to Transylvania where he meets Dracula and manages his real estate. At the end of the movie Harker shows his bravery and finally slits Dracula's throat.

"Van Helsing"


Another one of our favorite vampire killers is Hugh Jackman as Van Helsing from the 2004 "Van Helsing" movie. Van Helsing has made it his job to kill mosters and beasts. On of his mission he encounters the immortal Dracula. He works with the gorgeous Kate Beckinsale to kill Dracula and his vampire brides. They face many obstacles, including monsters and even feelings towards each other!



Now this list just wouldn't be complete without Buffy (Kristy Swanson), one of the few female vampire killers. Buffy is just like any other popular high school girl; spoiled, arrogant and utterly carefree. One day she is approached by a man at school that tells her she is the "chosen one" and her destiny is to hunt vampires and kill them! Since Buffy is a cheerleader, she's already strong and ready to kick butt. Buffy is able to kill every vampire in her path-- even the worst of them all, their king!



Wesley Snipes plays another one of the most badass vampire killers in history in the "Blade" trilogy. During Blade's birth, his mother was bitten by a vampire, making him a human-vampire hybrid. His mother was also killed by the bite during his birth, so Blade grows up to be a vampire killer to have his revenge on the creatures that took his mother from him. Again and again he slaughters evil vampires in horrific ways and we just can't stop watching! Blade is fierce!

"Charley Brewster"



Charley Brewster (Anton Yelchin) isn't your average vampire killer. He's not buff and strong. He didn't kill hundreds of vampires. Hell, he didnt even know vampires really existed until a few weeks before he killed one! In the 2011 film "Fright Night" Charley starts out as just a normal kid--that is until Jerry (Colin Farrell) moves in next door. Charley watches Jerry closely and figures out he's a vampire and it's not long before he finds out he's one of the evil ones. It takes a battle royale to the death to show us that good will always be triumphant over evil. Who knew a skinny little boy like Charley Brewster could be so brave and badass?

"Captain Kronos- Vampire Hunter"



"Captain Kronos- Vampire Hunter" is a one of a kind British vampire thriller with a unique twist. Kronos (Horst Janson) is a strong, rugged sword wielder who hunts down vampires with his lover and hunch backed partner. Upon their quest to extinguish evil they come upon a strange village where youth is being drained from young girls. Kronos is a strong, sold hero anybody for anybody to look up to.

"Vampire Hunter D"



"Vampire Hunter D" is a one of a kind book series, followed by animated films. Vampire Hunter D is a hybrid vampire-his father was a vampire and his mother human. After seeing the destruction that vampires cause to humans, Vampire D became a hunter. He kills without mercy for those who kill humans. Although the movie is animated, it has extreme detail and gore--so don't let your kids watch it!