7 Of Rick Santorum’s Least Favorite Films

Tuesday, January 3 by


While Santorum chooses his words carefully when discussing the gay issue, his camp experienced a minor PR crisis when he proclaimed the film to be too gay “even for Fire Island during pride week.” When asked how he was familiar with either Fire Island’s gay culture and pride week, Santorum started sweating profusely, mumbling the phrases “family values” and “return to normalcy” until his handlers ended the press conference. Two days later, a framed Borat poster was found in the dumpster behind his office along with several drafts of what appeared to be fan letters to “Sasha (sic) Baron Cohen.”

The Crying Game*

The asterisk pertains to the fact that Santorum went to the bathroom and decided to re-up on Goobers when the big twist was revealed. To this day, Santorum will still cite the film as an example of amour fou, or “crazy love,” commending Neil Jordan on really nailing the emotional rollercoaster that is love between a man and woman.

Please don’t ruin it. It’s really funny when he does this.

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