7 Of Rick Santorum’s Least Favorite Films

Tuesday, January 3 by
Not on Rick's Netflix que... 

Though we at Screen Junkies endeavor to remain woefully ignorant of current events, it’s impossible to ignore Rick Santorum as he gains traction in the Republicans’ bid to dethrone Barack Obama this November. (I saw it on a TV while we were waiting in a baggage claim.) Santorum has been villainized by many liberals for his stance against same-sex marriage, resulting in a feud with gay sex columnist Dan Savage. For more insight into this hilarious feud, please visit spreadingsanturum.com. For realsies.

In light of these stances, we thought we’d take a crack at examining some films that Santorum would just HATE. The following films are against everything Santorum stands for, which could be a good thing, or could be a bad thing, depending on your liberal leanings.

Brokeback Mountain

Santorum may or may not have gone into this film terribly under-informed, expecting a movie about cowboys who enjoy life on the range while eating beans, playing guitars and drinking moonshine out of a jar. He did not expect the cowboys to kiss each other and make love while one of them is wearing Rick Perry’s jacket. He also wishes that he had waited to adopt his campaign slogan, “Santorum ’06: You Wish You Knew How To Quit Me” until he had ascertained the content of the film.

Boat Trip

If I know Rick Santorum, which I don’t at all, I’m guessing that he would intensely dislike Boat Trip. The film features Cuba Gooding Jr. and Horatio Sanz pretending to be gay on a gay cruise so that Gooding can woo a woman. My theory is that while Santorum doesn’t care for gays of any type, he especially doesn’t like his gays to be black or overweight, making this film an “avoid-at-all-costs.” It was also directed by a guy named “Mort Nathan,” a name that sounds pretty Jewish to me. Ugh. Strike three.

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