7 Netflix Instant Watch Movies Perfect For A Rainy Day

Tuesday, January 10 by Frost

<a href='http://www.screenjunkies.com/tag/kiss/' class='linkify' target='_blank'>kiss</a> the dragon jet li” /></p>
<p><strong>“Kiss of the Dragon.”</strong> <a href=Jet Li metes out some serious punches as well as getting knocked around by various bad guys, offering up a terrific action movie for a rainy day. With a villainous cop played to the hilt by Tcheky Karyo and a damsel in distress played by Bridget Fonda, you get a great reluctant hero story with enough raw action to keep you intrigued.

Stripes Funniest Movies Ever

“Stripes.” Few things can fill a rainy day better than a Bill Murray flick. With the perfect slacker vibe throughout “Stripes,” you’ll find your laziness rewarded with comedy. As he beats his head against military authority with a cast of miscreants, Murray gives you a film that doesn’t need anything from you but a set of eyes and an easy laugh. The bet between Murray and Ramis over push-ups is a scene that’ll have you chuckling well after the sun rises.

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