Rainy days are a perfect opportunity to catch up on some good movies that your have missed when they came out. Disconnect your doorbell and curl up with these seven Netflix Instant Watch movies that are perfect for a rainy day.

“Dragon Hunters." A pair of rogues get teamed up with a little princess on their way to slaying the ultimate dragon, The World Gobbler. A cute film with a great cast of characters that run the gamut from despicable to adorable, “Dragon Hunters” is a great world on Netflix instant watch to fall into on a rainy day. The heroes' fight with the tiny dragons powered by a hive mind mentality is a visually fun scene with excellent pacing.

“The Dark Crystal." A dark little Jim Henson tale with a morality play for all ages, “The Dark Crystal” is an engrossing story with fantastical creatures and sets. The orphaned hero is set upon a quest to repair the dark crystal, with the evil Skeksis on his tail. With bravery, luck, and compassion, Jen and his new friends fight the Skeksis and their minions leading to a touching finale.

“Hellboy." A demon-human hybrid with the key to destroy the world chooses to fight evil rather than serve it, all with a penchant for pancakes, cats and cigars in “Hellboy." Hellboy goes after a gang of Nazis led by Rasputin, while nursing a serious crush on a firestarter colleague and dealing with a decree to stay out of the public eye. It’s a great story with a love for the comic book that fills every shot.

“Kiss of the Dragon." Jet Li metes out some serious punches as well as getting knocked around by various bad guys, offering up a terrific action movie for a rainy day. With a villainous cop played to the hilt by Tcheky Karyo and a damsel in distress played by Bridget Fonda, you get a great reluctant hero story with enough raw action to keep you intrigued.

“Stripes." Few things can fill a rainy day better than a Bill Murray flick. With the perfect slacker vibe throughout “Stripes," you’ll find your laziness rewarded with comedy. As he beats his head against military authority with a cast of miscreants, Murray gives you a film that doesn’t need anything from you but a set of eyes and an easy laugh. The bet between Murray and Ramis over push-ups is a scene that’ll have you chuckling well after the sun rises.

“The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo." Read the books first, seriously. “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” is a dark tale so engrossing that you will end up seeing the remake just to see what scenes you think should have made both films. Lisbeth Salander and journalist/publisher Mikael Blomkvist are on different paths to the same mystery of what happened to a little girl decades earlier. With a multitude of gut wrenching events, phenomenal acting, and tense action, this film needs to top your rainy day Netflix playlist.

“Tucker & Dale vs. Evil." Two good old boys head out to their new summer cabin, spook some vacationing college students, and end up terrorizing each other accidentally. Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine are perfect in their roles as good-hearted hayseeds who mean to harm nothing more animate than a six pack. A seriously great mash-up of the horror and buddy/buddy genre, Labine’s self-conscious laugh as he tries to talk to the college kids at the gas station is a scene that you’ll rewatch a ton.