Twist endings, by their nature, tend to come out of nowhere. Sometimes the twist is good, but all to often the twist ending makes no sense at all. Bewilderment, confusion, and anger at having wasted time on a story only to have the ending screw it up are common side effects of dealing with nonsensical twists. Below are seven movies with twist endings that make no sense, so you can spare yourself the agony of having to sit through the whole flick only to have your intelligence insulted.



Despite being a movie that people loved enough to prompt studios to make another 80 sequels or so, "Saw" has a twist that makes absolutely no sense at all. It is revealed at the end of the movie that the corpse in the middle of the room is actually the killer. How exactly he came to be there while rigging up an elaborate game of death is not really explained.

"The Number 23."

The twist at the end of this Joel Shumacher dud reveals that Jim Carrey's character was actually crazy and wrote the entire movie himself, meaning that the entire movie was pointless. However, it did teach us Jim Carrey shouldn't ever do horror movies.

"Perfect Stranger."

Halle Berry is the main character, a detective. It turns out that the person she is hunting is—surprise!—herself. Once you know this supposed twist, painfully re-watching the film reveals it is full of plot holes.

"The Village."

M. Night Shyamalan is known for the bad twist endings, and "The Village" is no exception. In fact, the twist in this movie is so nonsensical that Shyamalan himself has to play a character to directly tell the audience what is happening in the movie, which is another way of tattooing "hack" on your forehead.

"The Game."

This David Fincher film is quite good up until the twist ending that reveals the entire movie was one big birthday party plan. Once it ends that way and you think back on it, you realize this is totally pointless to ever watch again, unless you just love David Fincher.


It's only fair to have a second Shyamalan film on this list. He's kind of the Crown Prince of bad twist endings. Signs was actually a decent flick, but sadly the ending is so unnecessary that it almost feels as though it was spliced in from another movie altogether.

"Hide and Seek."

Not only did the big "The good guy is actually the bad guy," twist make no sense, but it was also painfully obvious that the twist was coming. At least most of the other endings on this list had the good sense to come out of nowhere. This one slowly limped to its predictably dumb conclusion.