With the tests, the relationships, and finding your keys on a daily basis it’s no wonder that your memory isn’t what it used to be; especially for films. Normally unforgettable, what with the fire, brimstone, and death, these are seven movies with dragons you forgot had dragons.



Whether it was the booze-loving-Brownies, the slimy trolls, or the constantly smirking Madmartigan and his companion Willow, the sorta-kinda-mage, there’s really no way to remember a dragon amongst the fantasy madness that is “Willow.” For a bonus this dragon actually has two heads and was originally a troll but thanks to some amateur night magic, care of Willow, is now scaly, huge, and really pissed off. Check out the ego boost it gives Madmartigan at Tir Asleen, just before he realizes it’s actually behind him and the true source of the enemy army’s fear.


“The 7th Voyage of Sinbad”

With so much stop motion goodness, care of the great Harryhausen, there’s no time to remember a single dragon in “The 7th Voyage of Sinbad.” Cyclops, evil skeletons, and a Roc take up a ton of Sinbad’s time that Taro (the dragon) can easily slip past your memory. Feel free to shed a tear when Taro takes on the Cyclops as the wonderment of this battle should hit you square in your bathing suit area. You can always blame the crying on a particularly rough waxing session.


“The NeverEnding Story”

Could you possibly forget one of the two main characters in a movie that most have seen multiple times? No you can’t, but you can have no clue that Falkor is a dragon as he has the looks of a flying dog with mange. Those floppy ears don’t help sell him in your brain as a dragon, especially when Bastian and Falkor mete out street justice to the Bastian’s bullies back on Earth.


“The Sword in the Stone”

Honor and magic, as well as Merlin, are the true stars of “The Sword in the Stone” so the dragon takes a backseat in this story. As Wart works his way through being a knight’s squire and Merlin’s student, he draws the interest of a delightfully evil witch, Mim. Being no fan of Merlin either, Mim and Merlin go at it in a duel that resembles a magical rock, paper, scissors with one of her spells turning her into a dragon. As Merlin, in mouse shape, runs from her flames, Mim the dragon catches and tries to mush him up in a memorable duel whose individual parts might be forgotten.


“Sleeping Beauty”

Most everyone remembers the kiss and some kind of prince from this Disney flick, but once you saw your first scary horror movie the dragon in this flick was immediately wiped from your mind. No one blames you for forgetting as years later you had all new horrors like adolescence, dating, and understanding the fine print on your student loans. From her purple scales to the sickly yellow fire she breathes as she fights the prince in her dragon form, the fairy Maleficent is a dragon worth remembering again.


“The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest”

No longer reminding you of the dragon within the title, “The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest” continues telling the story of Lisbeth Salander with equal amounts of grace and brute force. This woman who survived so much carries her dragon just out of sight, both in a literal and figurative sense as a tattoo and as a fierce personality filled with vitality and courage. Watch her deal with an opponent well out of her physical league as she uses determination, spirit, and cunning to dispatch with her ruthless half-brother and feel the dragon rising to the surface


“Spirited Away”

Perhaps it’s due to his sullenness and friendship with the heroine of the story, Chihiro, but Haku the dragon can be a character easy to forget in “Spirited Away.” With that creepy No Face roaming around, Haku tended to blend into the scenery as he wasn’t snacking on villagers like normal dragons do. As Chihiro pieces together Haku’s true name, the resultant fall makes for a moment that shows the intimacy of their friendship.