7 Movies That Are Probably On Newt Gingrich’s Netflix Que

Friday, January 20 by


Forced to work as decoys in a police sting operation, closeted lovers Adam and Zack have a weird night. After their sting goes bust, the men are forced to go home with the cop working the case. There they meet his very forward wife and have to deal with the awkward situation of being approached by a nude policeman. What is this couple’s deal exactly? The answer is far too devious to mention within these pages.

The Freebie

Dax Shepard and Katie Aselton play a bored couple who decide to spruce things up and dust off their genitals by agreeing to one night off from marriage. No questions asked. The couple are clearly in love and best friends, so they do what friends do, set ground rules and coach one another for their impending one night stands. However, are they willing to go through with it? Seems like a lot of trouble when there are at least four wig shops in the phone book.

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