Newt Gingrich's ex-wife shocked the gross-out receptors in our brains this week by coming forward with the news that her former husband (allegedly) asked her for an open marriage after he was caught cheating with a congressional aide. It's suspicious timing given that the Republican race is heating up. But furthermore, eeewwwwww....... I can't vote for a guy who I have to imagine naked. I'm looking for a strong, fair, and clothed leader.

In all fairness, his daughters claim that this is not true. Double ew. Is his goal to win an election or get a reality show?

If we are to find the truth, our best method would be to explore Newt Gingrich's Netflix queue. If three or more of the below films are on there, I think we know where he found inspiration.

The Ice Storm

Why don't they have many orgies in New Canaan, Connecticut? Nobody wants to write all those thank you notes.

Key parties are totally fair game though, as evidenced in The Ice Storm. The story centers around two troubled couples, two of which are discovered to be having an affair. Everything comes to a head one fateful night at key party, where couples arrive and each husband leaves his car keys in a bowl. Whichever woman pulls his key takes him off to have sex. Sounds like an awesome party. But do they have a moon bounce?

Break will rue the day they kicked me off the party planning committee.

Raising Arizona

In an attempt to look like a perfectly happy and normal American family, instead of the babynappers which they are, Ed and Hi invite Hi's boss, Glen, his wife Dot, and their children over for the day. And this family is awesome. The kids overrun the place, scribbling words like "fart" on the wall, wearing diapers on their heads, and playing with sharp implements. Dot warns of the dangers of lockjaw and night vision. And Glen makes insipid jokes about people of the Polish persuasion, but more importantly, he then offers to swap wives with Hi. Sam McMurray absolutely kills in this role. Still not enough that I'd let him near my wife, though.

Hall Pass

In Hall Pass,/em>, two wives grow sick and tired of their husbands, Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis, constantly fantasizing about sticking it in everything hot that moves. So they offer their husbands one-week off from marriage, where they are free to live as single men. However, what the husbands don't realize is that the gander is getting the goose's goods as well. The ladies also decide they are free to flirt and welcome the affections of athletes. Professional athletes. Those are the worst kind.

A Good Old Fashioned Orgy

Jason Sudeikis is back to his horndog ways in A Good Old Fashioned Orgy. After his dad decides to sell Sudeikis's party pad, he decides to throw one last blowout. But it can't be any ordinary party. It's orgy time. He invites all of his friends. The group is comprised of geeky guys and disproportionately hot women. This is like the CBS sitcom of movies.

One pair not invited however are his married friends, Will Forte and Lucy Punch. They find out about the soiree and decide they want in regardless and end up crashing it. The group is hesitant to include them because they have a child together. But methinks it was more due to the fact that Lucy Punch looks like Lucy Punch.

Eyes Wide Shut

Eyes Wide Shut follows Tom Cruise's quest to get some strange. However, try as hard as he might, he can't find himself attracted to any of the prostitutes and models he encounters. His frustrated search leads him to an exclusive masked party thrown by a secret sex society. Before even seeing his penis, the party organizers know that he is an outsider and cast him off. There are clues that at least two people were killed because of his party crashing. Why couldn't he be more like Keith Urban and be content to stay home and plow Nicole Kidman? I mean, I know her forehead's a little weird, but it's not that bad.


Forced to work as decoys in a police sting operation, closeted lovers Adam and Zack have a weird night. After their sting goes bust, the men are forced to go home with the cop working the case. There they meet his very forward wife and have to deal with the awkward situation of being approached by a nude policeman. What is this couple's deal exactly? The answer is far too devious to mention within these pages.

The Freebie

Dax Shepard and Katie Aselton play a bored couple who decide to spruce things up and dust off their genitals by agreeing to one night off from marriage. No questions asked. The couple are clearly in love and best friends, so they do what friends do, set ground rules and coach one another for their impending one night stands. However, are they willing to go through with it? Seems like a lot of trouble when there are at least four wig shops in the phone book.