When looking for a movie to watch with your parents, you can’t just pick any movie off of the shelf. Choosing a movie like "Superbad" could make for a very awkward evening. You may laugh until your stomach hurts, but it's doubtful your parents will be as amused. Use this list of seven movies your parents should never get their hands on as a guide when choosing family entertainment.

"Euro Trip."  

This R-rated comedy follows four friends on a highly eventful trip across Europe. Scotty, one of the main characters is on the search for his penpal he realizes he loves. Finding her proves to be more difficult than he had anticipated. It takes him and his friends to different countries, leading to hilarious encounters with strange people. You'll fall in love with the characters and their quirky ways. If you can get past the graphic content of Euro Trip, you won't regret watching it!

"American Pie." 

Released in 1999, American Pie was one of the most iconic movies of its time. Four dorky friends make a pact to lose their virginity before prom night, but its not as simple as it sounds. The desperation of these boys to “become men” leads them into awkward but hilarious situations. The famous incident regarding masturbation and apple pie is not something you ever want your parents to see.

"Road Trip." 

A movie full of jokes, nudity, bad language and partying, what could be better?  Road Trip will make you  crack up every few seconds with its unique weirdness. A boy accidently sends a sex tape of him having sex with a girl to his girlfriend in another state. To stop her from seeing the tape, he and his friends travel across the country. Road Trip is full of sex, profanity and fun that you should only watch with your friends.

"National Lampoon's Van Wilder." 

Popular, good looking, friendly and charismatic Van Wilder has been at college for seven years and is no rush to graduate.  He throws parties, gets the hottest girls in college and lives off his parents’ money.  Things take a turn when he gets cut off from his parents’ money and a hot girl wants to write a piece on him for the school newspaper. His journey to try to grow up and be responsible is paved with jokes and laughter.


One of Kazakhstan's TV reporters, Borat is sent to America to make a documentary about the culture of the United States. His lack of shame regarding nudity and sex makes his trip across America highly entertaining. His interactions with American citizens are insanely inappropriate and hilarious to watch!

"40 Year Old Virgin."

Nerdy 40 year old Andy has never had sex. Every time hes tried in the past, hes failed miserably. After revealing his sad past to his friends on night, they get on a quest to help him lose the big V. Crude humor, graphic sex and foul language makes this movie impossible to watch with your parents! But it will be a hoot to watch when you're alone or with friends.

"Knocked Up." 

This Judd Apatow comedy shows what happens when a beautiful girl like Katherine Heigl has unprotected sex with a random man after a wild night at a club, which is likely high on the list of "Parents' Worst Nightmares."  Heigl is forced to cope with being pregnant, and with having immature stoner Seth Rogen as the father. Drowning in inappropriate, funny jokes and foul language, Knocked Up will make you chuckle throughout.