Everyone loves a rebel, right? At least that's what Rita Skeeter said in "Harry Potter 4." But never mind that; we're talking about rebels with attitude right now. Rebels both with and without causes. Real life rebels. Or at least rebels could have been real. The films on this list are all grounded in reality portraying rebels and rebellion in a true life fashion that made for great cinema, if not irresistible viewing. On with the show!


1. "Braveheart"

Rebel William Wallace leads an army of rebels in rebellion against the English. How much more rebellious can you get? The movie's based on the actual mid-millennial Scottish uprising, although whether or not the film is totally faithful to the facts of that time is up for debate. For example, did the Scots really wiggle their bare asses at their enemies? We sure hope so.


2. "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest"

A story of rebellion on a smaller scale than the previous entry. It features a psych ward full of miscreants, a silent chief, a wretched nurse, and Jack Nicholson at his mid-1970's best. He rebels left and right against hospital regulations, society at large, and damn near anything else, but he pays a heavy price. Looking at how he ended up, you have to wonder how true life electro-schock patients fared.


3. "Dog Day Afternoon"

A simple story about a bank robber, his cross-dressing life partner, and a police stand-off segues into something more when tensions rise. Tensions do seem to rise when you get into showdowns with an entire police force. The big rebellious moment comes when bank robber Al Pacino invokes the real-life prison riots at Attica in order to turn the crowd of on-lookers to his side and wither the police's bravado.


4. "Malcom X"

People pay heavy prices for bucking the system and standing up for their beliefs. The price is heavier still when you remember that "Malcom X" is a biopic based on the real life of the titular rebel. X was considered dangerous by people on both sides of the racial divide, and ultimately it cost him his life.


5. "The People v. Larry Flynt"

You have to admire a man who stands up for what he believes, especially when he believes in pornography. All-time rebel and great American Larry Flynt, magnate of "Hustler" magazine, takes on U.S. obscenity laws, rebelling against the Puritanical ethics of some jurisdictions. And kudos to him, because smut is the purest thing worth fighting for. Seriously.


6. "Easy Rider"

Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda plus big cruising bikes plus drugs plus thousands of miles of American highways equals rebel bad ass heaven. This film essentially coined the term heavy metal, and musical rebels the world over have never been the same. The film harkens back to a time in America the "outlaw" was in a period of flux. Sadly, as this list has shown, rebels so often meet tragic ends. This time it comes courtesy of a shotgun to the face.


7. "Fahrenheit 451"

Okay, so maybe it's not strictly based on true life. But one day, this stuff might happen and then main character Guy Montag will be the ultimate rebel. Come to think of it, we may not be far off from "Fahrenheit 451"'s reality. People don't seem to be into "thinking" so much these days. TV is about a billion times more popular than books. Maybe we will end up with all literature being banned, and burned. All you rebels, save your first editions!