It's true. Villains have more fun. Have you ever watched a flick and found yourself rooting for the bad guy? Admit it, you know you have. Villains are just so much cooler than their do-gooder counterparts. The good guys are two dimensional pansies, with some unexplainable drive to, well, do good. The villains are the guys you'd love to hang with and crack open a beer, not the heroes... they probably don't drink. The villains are the guys that have all the fun. They have the cool toys. They have the awesome superpowers. Villains even get the better chicks. More importantly, the villains are the guys that create the heroes. Without the villain, the lame hero wouldn't have a purpose. Here are seven movie villains you'd really like to be friends with.

Darth Vader from "Star Wars" (1977). The guy is the enforcer for the entire galaxy. He has a cool suit, a bad-ass laser sword, and he can manipulate the world around him using the Force. Not only that, James Earl Jones does his voice. With all his neat parlor tricks, imagine all the girls you could get. If you're loyal enough, he may even teach you the ways of the Force.

Michael Corleone from "The Godfather: Part II" (1974). Played by Al Pacino, Michael Corleone was one of the coolest villains ever to hit the screen. Even when you saw him putting hits out on his enemies you rooted for him. When he took over Las Vegas, you wished you could be him. Of course you want to hang out with this guy. He'll always have your back, just as long as you're loyal.

Magneto from "XMen" (2000). Here's another cool character. Played by Ian Mckellen, he's the master of all things metal. He's not really a fan of humans though. He believes that mutants will take over the world. Your best bet is to camp out under power lines and hope for some sort of powerful mutation. The real reason you'd really like to be friends with him is, to put it simply, you don't want him as an enemy.

Alonzo Harris from "Training Day" (2001). Arguably one of Denzel Washington's best characters, this dude is the bad ass of bad asses. An L.A. detective, he ran the streets. Anything you needed, he could get. The guy generated a million bucks in less than a day. He had the sweetest ride this side of a Lowrider convention. Oh, and he had Eva Mendes. This is definitely a guy to have as your friend. Too bad goodie two shoes Jake Hoyt, played by Ethan Hawke, had to spoil all the fun.

Tony Montana from "Scarface" (1983). You shouldn't even have to ask why this villain is worth having as a friend. He lives in Miami. He's got more money than he can spend. He's got the cops. judges, and gangs in his pocket. The guy is a boss. He lived that overindulging Miami party lifestyle till the very end, when he did a somersault into a pool with a stomach full of buckshot.

Bill from "Kill Bill" (2003). Bill, played by David Carradine, is probably the most laid back villain on this list. He was a world class assassin. He had money, connections, cars, and he could kill you with the flick of a wrist. Why was he so chilled out? He jetted around the globe with some of the sexiest assassins the world had ever seen.

Tyler Durden from "Fight Club" (1999). Tyler Durden represents the yearning that everyone, even you, has to be free and rid of societal pressures. Extremely intelligent and totally motivated by visceral rage and emotion, this Brad Pitt character was an animal. He showed this in more ways than one by catching Darla Singer, played by Helena Bonham Carter, organizing an underground fighting cult and destroying the national debt. You know you want to hang out with this guy.