7 Movie Villains Who Turned Out To Be Heroes

Monday, January 9 by Gregory Wakeman

Anton Ego, “Ratatouille.”

Anton Ego ratatouille.jpg

This enchanting and delightful film is filled with sumptuous animation that seduces everyone who comes across Brad Bird‘s masterpiece. But it is Anton Ego as the film’s leading food critic that brings a cynical and harsh prospective to proceedings. And it’s his dramatic and vigorous flashback to his childhood courtesy of Remy’s titular dish that reinvigorates Anton and turns him into a more positive individual.

Satan, “South Park : Bigger, Longer & Uncut.”

Satan starts off the film as Saddam Hussein’s boyfriend, but as the former Iraqi leader turns more and more sadistic, Satan becomes a nicer character and in the end saves the world from utter destruction. Great singer, too.

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