Villains often make the best movie characters, probably because they get to do the kinds of things we could only imagine doing. But even better than a villain is a great villain who ends up becoming a hero. There's nothing like a good dose of redemption to make people fall in love with a character. All of the names on this list committed acts of good so powerful that they made us forget about the evil things they had done.

T-Rex, "Jurassic Park."

The T-Rex's entrance is one of the greatest cinema has ever offered us. From the vibrating water in a cup to his deafening roar, he floats around Jurassic Park threatening to kill anyone who comes into contact with him. So toward the end of the film when a trio of raptors have cornered Sam Neil and company, it seems like death is almost inevitable. Enter the T-Rex crashing through a wall to dismember each of the raptors to rapturous applause from cinemas worldwide.

Anton Ego, "Ratatouille."

This enchanting and delightful film is filled with sumptuous animation that seduces everyone who comes across Brad Bird's masterpiece. But it is Anton Ego as the film's leading food critic that brings a cynical and harsh prospective to proceedings. And it's his dramatic and vigorous flashback to his childhood courtesy of Remy's titular dish that reinvigorates Anton and turns him into a more positive individual.

Satan, "South Park : Bigger, Longer & Uncut."

Satan starts off the film as Saddam Hussein's boyfriend, but as the former Iraqi leader turns more and more sadistic, Satan becomes a nicer character and in the end saves the world from utter destruction. Great singer, too.

Beast, "Beauty & The Beast."

Having been turned into a Beast after years of selfishness, it is only Belle's wonderful and good natured soul that saves the forgotten and cold-hearted prince. A fantastic u-turn for the man harshly labeled a "beast" for most of his life.

Emperor Zurg, "Toy Story 2."

Arriving only part way through this outstanding sequel, Emperor Zurg's entrance is a wonderful homage to a man who will enter our list a little further down. The revelation of fatherhood brought out a softer and more parental side to the plastic villain.

T- 800 Model, "Terminator 2."

Having spent the entire first movie attempting to murder Sarah Connor, the new T-800 Model Terminator has now been designed to protect her son John. The "thumbs up" death is so dramatic and emotional that every man, woman and child who ever witnesses it, can't help but shed a tear.

Darth Vader, "Return of the Jedi."

Darth goes from the most feared man in the galaxy to a father just trying to save his son. A dramatic u-turn that even George Lucas failed to ruin. At least until the re-re-re-release, where Darth blubbers like a child while begging the Emperor to stop, or something.