7 Movie Villains Who Turned Out To Be Heroes

Monday, January 9 by Gregory Wakeman

Satan southpark.jpg

Villains often make the best movie characters, probably because they get to do the kinds of things we could only imagine doing. But even better than a villain is a great villain who ends up becoming a hero. There’s nothing like a good dose of redemption to make people fall in love with a character. All of the names on this list committed acts of good so powerful that they made us forget about the evil things they had done.

T-Rex, “Jurassic Park.”

T-Rex jurassic park.jpg

The T-Rex’s entrance is one of the greatest cinema has ever offered us. From the vibrating water in a cup to his deafening roar, he floats around Jurassic Park threatening to kill anyone who comes into contact with him. So toward the end of the film when a trio of raptors have cornered Sam Neil and company, it seems like death is almost inevitable. Enter the T-Rex crashing through a wall to dismember each of the raptors to rapturous applause from cinemas worldwide.

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