There is something innately lovable about those lucky souls who become taxi drivers. Yes, most of them smell and look to take the longest journey possible to take as much money off you as possible, whilst others make the most inane small talk known to man. But you can't help but be inspired by their spirit and their street smarts. Taxi drivers have popped up throughout cinema's history quite regularly with these characters normally being forced into scenarios that they didn't want to get entangled in. Some prove to be helpful whilst others simply get in the way. Here is a list of seven movie taxi drivers who were more helpful than they should have been.

The Ghost of Christmas Past , "Scrooged"

Bill Murray's classic dark comedy update of Charles Dickens' seminal novel "A Christmas Carol" sees his version of Scrooge named Frank Cross. Frank's ghost of Christmas past comes in the form of an insane New York City cab driver and helps to show Murray's character the error of his ways, mainly when he chose his work over his girlfriend. This event lead Cross down a dark path and turned him into the alienated TV exec that he is at the beginning of the film.

Taxi Driver, "The Game"

David Fincher's follow up to "Se7en" is a mysterious psychological thriller that sees Michael Douglas's Nicholas Van Orton experience of series of dangerous events. It all comes to a head when this "taxi driver" drives Nick toward a body of water and locks him in the back seat before jumping out of the vehicle. But it's all part of the grand game and Nick is never really in danger.

Max, "Collateral"

Jamie Foxx's Max is a lovely man who inadvertently finds himself entangled in a murderous rampage at the hands of Tom Cruise's hitman Vincent. Max unfortunately has to lead Vincent around otherwise he will join his long list of slays. After witnessing murder after murder, Max decides to finally battle against Vincent when a pretty prosecutor he'd driven earlier soon becomes endangered. 

Travis Bickle, "Taxi Driver"

The most notorious taxi driver in movie history, Travis Bickle has to do battle with many of his own personal demons before attempting to assist Jodie Foster's young prostitute. He toes the line between villain and hero, but he's memorable no matter which side of the moral code he's on.

Taxi Driver, "Old School"

This cabbie may only appear in Todd Phillip's raunchy comedy for a number of seconds but his impact is memorable. With Luke Wilson's Mitch concerned about the lack of a seat belt in his chair the taxi driver reminds his that he's in the back seat, behind plexiglass. When you think about it, that's pretty true. So, in his own way, this cabbie helped save Luke Wilson countless seconds over the course of his life, while dropping in some bad words too.

Korben Dallas, "The Fifth Element"

Bruce Willis's Dallas has the responsibility of saving the entire human race when Milla Jovovich's  Leeloo turns up in his cab. Dallas does battle with many intergalactic foes and risks his life for the beautiful saviour. You couldn't ask for much more from your cabbie, could you?

Jack Bruno, "Race To Witch Mountain"

Ah, The Rock. Arnie's natural replacement has been establishing himself as the new face of family entertainment and in "Race To Witch Mountain" he plays a cab driver who inadvertently picks up two children who are actually aliens and helps to lead them back to their relatives. Which helps them to save their home planet. Just another day in the office for Dwayne.