7 Movie Romances That Will Make You Glad To Be Alone On Valentine’s Day

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Today’s Valentines Day, which should be a day about the celebration of love, but mostly, it just makes people crazy and insecure. In an effort to give everyone a little boost and hope, we thought we’d share with our dear readers an in-exhaustive rundown of some of Hollywood’s least conventional romances.

Note, not all of these pairings have the happiest outcomes, so we recommend that you consume this list with a lot of alcohol to dull the crushing pain of love down to a mere pinch.


Luke and Leia – Star Wars

She ended up with Han Solo, but this brother and sister did have their moment. Granted, they weren’t aware of the fact that they were related, but that’s why you always do your due diligence. It’s not out of line to ask for a family tree or a potential suitor’s login ID and password to Ancestry.com.

So, no matter how poorly your Valentines Day is going, you can always say to yourself, “At least I’m not carrying on a romantic relationship with my sibling.”

Actually, I misspoke. You can’t always say that if you’re actually having a relationship with your sibling.

Harold and Maude – Harold and Maude

May-November romances are one thing, but Harold and Maude were carrying on an early-January-late December romances in this 1971 dark, dark comedy. While the age gap is the most notable oddity in their relationship, upon becoming familiar with the characters, the strangest aspect is actually that these two people are complete weirdos and probably deserve each other.

Harold is obsessed with death, making him a natural fit for Maude, who resides at death’s door at the age of 79. For those thinking that this might be a quirky film to enjoy tonight, let me divulge that (spoiler alert) Maude kills herself at the end of the film.

So maybe you should go see The Vow instead.

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