7 Movie Readheads Who Proved To Be Crazy

Wednesday, January 25 by Gregory Wakeman


For some reason, people have decided that just because others have been born with the supposed affliction of a flame colored mane they are now allowed to throw vitriol and make jokes at their expense. As a reaction to this, red haired individuals have decided to clamber together and are now more vocal and passionate about the color of their hair than every blonde and brunette combined. Throughout cinema's illustrious history red haired actors have been employed primarily as mischievous and unpredictable characters, whose red locks equal instant distrust amongst the audience. And most of the time they are correct in their assumptions. So here are seven movie redheads who actually turned out to be crazy.

Lindsay Lohan – "Mean Girls."


With a reputation as a drug-addled, alcohol-consuming party goer all but now synonymous with Lindsay's freckled face, it's impossible not to watch her earlier efforts and mourn the loss of the former bright spark of Hollywood.

Isla Fisher – "Wedding Crashers."


Isla's character in the 2005 comedy is a sex-crazed obsessive who borderline rapes Vince Vaughn. However, her sweet and innocent disposition means that no jury in the world could ever convict her.

Amy Adams – "Psycho Beach Party."


Before becoming best friends with Kermit, Ms. Piggy and Fozzy Bear, Amy Adam's was hard at work carving out a career as a actress. In doing this she had to star in a series of low-budget B movies with "Psycho Beach Party" being the stand out piece that sees her star as the girlfriend of a university dropout.

 Julianne Moore – "The Big Lebowski."


Of course anyone in their right mind wouldn't want be impregnated by "The Dude." But does she need to wear a Viking helmet and fly around naked from her ceiling? That reeks of the crazies.

Tilda Swinton – "We Need To Talk About Kevin."


More crazy by association this one. Her inability to raise her son correctly leads to the little punk committing mass murder and he must have picked up those sensibilities from somewhere. The smart money is on his redheaded Mama! Come on, it could never have been John C. Reilly.

Sissy Spacek – " Carrie."


Yes, she is possessed by a latent telekinetic power that only illuminates itself when she is humiliated, but some might say this sheltered red head had it coming. Her mum definitely did.

Jessica Chastain – "The Tree Of Life."


Everybody and thing which is connected with  this film is a little crazy. That sense of chaos makes it either beloved or hated, depending on who you ask. Jessica Chastain was no different, with her oddball energy lending some extra craziness to this film.

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