Alright, Fred Phelps. We get it. You don't like things. That's kind of like your whole thing. In fact, when events happen we now just automatically assume you won't like it. There's no need for you to come out and protest anymore, so just stay home. Think of the gas money you'll save.

But as bad as Fred Phelps is, there's always somebody worse. Well, maybe in this case, there's not. In order to find someone more loathsome than our boy Fred, we have to look to the world of fiction. So, we did. Here are seven other preachers and holy men from the world of cinema who are worse than Fred Phelps.

Eli Sunday - There Will Be Blood

Eli Sunday is a little high on himself and his holy power, claiming that "God doesn't save stupid people." I guess he's right in some ways. After all, he does stupidly provoke Daniel Plainview to steal from him and issue multiple beatings. He should have just been happy with his milkshake.

Archbishops - The Godfather III

Anyone who has ever paid for a wedding knows that priests love free meals and being tipped out. So why Michael Corleone would hand over $600 million to the Vatican and expect a return on his investment is beyond me. All is really earns him is a lot of bloodshed. Including his own.

Cardinal Glick - Dogma

Cardinal Glick doesn't see Catholicism so much as a religion as he does a franchise. It's good business sense when you think about it, but also a messed up move on account of Jesus dying on the cross and all.

"Sonny" Dewey - The Apostle

This guy gets drunk, screams at God, and beats a young minister into a coma with a baseball bat. Though much more exciting than your average sermon, it doesn't really earn you any points with the Lord. Or the cops. Probably a good idea to keep this rageoholic away from abortion clinics.

Silas - The Da Vinci Code

Pretty sure that monks shouldn't run around assassinating people. There must be a commandment against that. And there should definitely be a commandment against taking Amelie hostage. The woman is a delight! Get your hands off her with your wannabe-Emperor ass.

Rev. Shaw Moore - Footloose

Of all the men on this list, there is none that needs to take a chill pill more than Reverend Shaw Moore. The man outlawed dancing in his village. Dancing! It's just rhythmic movement, it's not sinful. Way to push your own agenda, guy. Also, it's reckless to outlaw dancing. For one, you run the risk of ending up with overweight teens. Secondly, if young people don't have a permitted area to dance they are going to sneak off and cut loose in dangerous places like old, remote warehouses. There's so many sharp corners and not a neighbor for miles. God forbid there be a serious injury. Think with your head, Shaw.

Mola Ram - Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

It was tough to choose the most evil holy man but in the end we decided that distinction should go to High Priest of the Thuggee cult, Mola Ram. Sure, practicing sinister rituals and removing still-beating hearts is pretty sinister, but it was the army of slave children that really put him over. Look how sad he made Short Round. Total dick.