A good personal assistant is hard to find. Some of them have emotional baggage, while still others are only using you as a stepping stone to their big dreams. It's no wonder you're always having to fire and hire new people! Here are seven personal assistants from the world of film, perhaps one of them will make a suitable candidate for the personal-assistant-shaped hole in your life.

Mackinaw, "Love Happy"

It's not easy being a personal assistant to Detective Sam Grunion. For one, Grunion's always got his mouth running at a thousand miles per hour, it's undoubtedly difficult to keep track of his train of thought. Not to mention, Det. Grunion is always cavorting about with suspicious characters, ne'er-do-wells, and femme fatales. The paperwork alone would be a dealbreaker for many, but not Mackinaw!

Muleto, "French Connection II"

Almost as bad on the list of thankless jobs as a private dick's assistant would be an assistant to a French police detective. And to make the job even more strenuous, Muleto here is in charge of keeping American cop Popeye Doyle out of trouble. Anyone who's seen the movie knows that this doesn't exactly go as planned. But is that Muleto's fault? Everything gets blamed on Muleto.

Max von Mayerling, "Sunset Boulevard"

Not many people dream of being a personal assistant, but many are often thrust into the job. Take Max here - he was a legendary director of silent pictures, but after the advent of talkies he ended up being a lowly butler to former movie queen Norma Desmond. To make matters weirder, they used to be married. But that's life in Hollywood - one day you're a husband and big-shot director, the next you're a butler.

Selina Kyle, "Batman Returns"


Working for Max Schreck, Gotham City's wealthiest and third-most-corrupt industrialist, can be murder. Lots of important files that need to be brought hither and thither, lots of late-night coffee runs, etc. And then there's the whole thing about him throwing you out of a window if you learn too much about his dirty dealings. Luckily for Ms. Kyle, she doesn't die when that happens to her. No, she just turns into an insane cat person.

Spider, "GoodFellas"

Working as a personal assistant in the corporate world is bad enough, but being a lackey with the Mafia is downright dangerous. Especially if you have to work with Tommy DeVito, who is known for his violent and psychotic outbursts. First, he shoots Spider through the foot, and then after that he ends up shooting him through the chest, killing him. That's way worse than having to work on the weekend.

Andrea Sachs, "The Devil Wears Prada"

Probably the most well-known depiction of the personal assistant lifestyle to come out recently, "The Devil Wears Prada" follows Anne Hathaway's Sachs as she gets a job as a personal assistant to Meryl Streep's Miranda Priestly. Ms. Priesetly isn't known for being a gracious and considerate boss, though. More like psychologically abusive and Cruella DeVil-like.

Fritz, "Frankenstein"


One sign of Fritz's basic under-appreciatedness: Many filmgoers mistakenly refer to him as "Igor." Which really is not fair, considering the things Dr. Frankenstein asks his assistant to do - fetching corpses, fetching brains, perhaps even committing a murder or two - it all falls under Fritz's base salary. Which, trust us, can't be much.