7 Movie Parents Who Should Lose Their Kids To Child Services

Wednesday, September 28 by

2. The Home Alone Parents

“Oh, we just flew to Paris without our son. Where WERE our minds?”

The movie really glosses over how big a deal this is. These are very wealthy parents. If they’re not fit to keep track of their 73 children, they should at least have the common sense to hire a nanny. Their sin would be pride. Don’t be heroes, Mr. and Mrs. McAllister. Parenting can be tough, but feeling contrite while your son wages war with criminals that want to kill him isn’t enough.

Either that, or learn how to count to nine when you’re doing inventory on your children.

1. Wayne Szalinski – Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

This is a big one. If you’re going to invent a shrinking device, I think that’s great, but you should probably treat it like you would a pistol or rifle. Keep it locked up and out of reach at all times. And if you INSIST on keeping it out, install some sort of fail-safe switch that prevents it from being activated by an errant baseball.

Sure, there wasn’t malice behind Szalinski’s actions, but there was plenty of negligence. Take Szalinski’s kids away from him and let them stay with his brother Ray, the auto parts king in Chicago, who spells his last name differently for marketing purposes.

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