Nurses often don't get enough credit for what they do - both in terms of respect and monetary rewards. Although doctors steal their thunder in real life, TV and film, a few movie nurses serve as reminders of how hardcore this profession can really be.

Gaylord Greg Focker, "Meet The Parents"

"Meet The Parents" starts out as a comedy about a guy who wants to propose to his girlfriend but turns out to be a movie about a guy who wants to win his potential father in law's affection. One of the hurdles in Greg's way to win Jack's respect is his profession as a male nurse, something Jack finds silly and comical. Greg repeatedly has to tell his new family that being a nurse means taking care of the ill, something that should be taken seriously.


Allie, "The Notebook"

When Allie and Noah are separated because of her wealthy parent's disdain for her summer fling with a local boy, Noah goes off to war and Allie stays home and becomes a nurse. While doing her part for her country, Allie takes care of the wounded soldiers brought back home, one of whom who recovers miraculously and falls in love with her.


John McFadden, "Precious"

In this film about poverty in America, John McFadden is played by the rock god Lenny Kravitz. A male nurse, he's the first man in Precious' life who treats her well and takes care of her, without even an ulterior motive. Precious has been raped by her mother's boyfriend since the age of three, something her mother has known, tolerated and resented her for. When birthing the second of her rapist's children, John shows Precious kindness does exist.


Phil Pharma, "Magnolia"

Some say that Phil Pharma was one of Phillip Seymour Hoffman's best roles to date. In the drama "Magnolia," he plays a lonely and dedicated nurse caring for a terminally ill television producer with cancer. When selfish and manipulative relatives meddle in the lives of ill patients, it's Phil who takes a stand for their well-being.


Hana, "The English Patient"

In an Italian monastery, beautiful nurse Hana (played by Juliette Binoche) cares for wounded and unidentified man referred to as "The English Patient". Hana has a morbid belief that anyone who gets too close to her ends up dead, but that doesn't stop this film from progressing into one of the greatest love stories ever on screen.


"Briony, Atonement"

As a child, Briony tears apart her sister and the man she loves out of a childish notion that she's doing the right thing. When she grows up to realize the full extent of her mistake, Briony tries to atone for it in many ways. One of those is to work as a nurse during the second world war. One of the most challenging things she has to do is comfort a patient who's moments away from death, having had his skull crushed in.


Evelyn Johnson, "Pearl Harbor"

Pretty young nurse Evelyn Johnson (Kate Beckinsale) falls for Rafe (played by Ben Affleck), First Lieutenant in the United States Army Air Corp. Rafe falls hard when Evelyn is measuring his eyesight and eventually gets her to reciprocate. When he goes missing and his best friend Danny comforts her, the romance evolves into a heated love triangle. However, the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor and suddenly Evelyn priorities shift towards saving lives.