7 Movie Lawyers Who Took Down Big Business

Thursday, January 12 by Irving Oala


Big business is seemingly unstoppable except through the courts, which is why everyone loves a great courtroom film, where the rich and powerful lose to the small and seemingly powerless. It’s really what makes America what it is, though this is only when the court system really works and is not mired in bureaucracy. While this is almost never these days, the great thing about the movies is that it lets you escape in a fantasy world. Check out some of the feel good films below where lawyers successfully took down the big business beast.


“Erin Brokovich.” Julia Roberts plays this real-life, big-boobed lawyer who took down a company who was illegally dumping toxins in a neighborhood and causing people to get sick or even die. This performance was so good, it won Roberts an Academy Award on top of the film being a smash hit.

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