There are times when taking joy in what you do can come off as creepy with hints of burgeoning serial killerdom. These characters worship death as it feeds their continued existence. The prey needs to start running and never stop when faced with these seven movie hunters who kill for sport.

Cole, “Surviving the Game”

Desiring worthwhile targets, Cole handpicks his prey, even making sure they are well fed before the hunt begins. With a sporting chance, bolstered by weapons and vehicles, Cole and company hunt Mason for a welcome diversion to their regular lives. Mason’s discovery of the trophy room in “Surviving the Game” shows off the devotion Cole and his men have towards the sport of the kill.

Emil Fouchon, “Hard Target”.

Fouchon loves killing so much that he’s willing to share his hobby with others by allowing them to participate. Money does get involved but any time you’re covering up murders and procuring victims, your expenses are going to accumulate. Fouchon radiates a twisted happiness in “Hard Target” that he makes you believe that if his business model failed he would be more than happy to hunt down his victims for free. You get to see his lack of regrets when he’s introduced to a grenade down his pants as Van Damme finishes him off.

Hans,“Troll Hunter”.

There’s no glamour in Hans’ life as a troll killer and the mystery has long worn off of his career as protector by now. Hans needs the thrill of the sport, of putting himself in danger and taking the dangerous free-range trolls out of the equation. No person who didn’t love the sport of Troll hunting would go about building a homemade set of armor for troll assessment like Hans does in “Troll Hunter”.

Blade, “Blade”.

It’s not love of gold or the glow of the vampires turning into their own little personal sized crematoriums that makes Blade go for the kill. He just loves the payback on the creatures that took his mother and made him a hybrid that no hippie or hipster wants. Watch him take on the challenge of destroying as many vampires as he can during the blood shower rave in “Blade” and see how much he enjoys the challenge of the hunt.

Rene Belloq, “Raiders of the Lost Ark”.

Belloq definitely likes money but it’s the thrill of putting Indiana Jones into the path of death that makes him a hunter who kills for sport. “Raiders of the Lost Ark” has Belloq doing his utmost to get Indy killed in amusing ways that speak to his thrill of the kill rather than the functionality of the act. If Belloq killed merely to achieve a goal, he never would have staked Indy and Marion while he opened up the Ark so he could parade his victory while destroying their morale before he put them to death.

Eric Draven, “The Crow”.

Coming back from the dead for justice while knowing that you shall return to the dead when you have achieved your vengeance sets Draven up as a hunter of men who kills with a flourish. He could easily have left a trail of quickly broken necks but instead he hunts down and terrorizes his targets before pulling the trigger on their deaths. Watch him share his painful memories of the night he and his fiancée were tortured and killed with Tin Tin before the coup de grace as Draven takes the sport of the kill to the next level in “The Crow”.

Roger, “Lord of the Flies”.

Hunting someone with a spear or other ergonomic weapon takes skill but to get a kill on your target with a boulder takes super skill and a dedication to the sport of it. “Lord of the Flies” is about survival and the destruction of societal mores when faced with isolation but it’s also about the ability to view other people as prey. Who knows how long Roger wished that Piggy would finally stand in that imaginary X on the beach but when he did, Roger crushed Piggy with a love for the kill that makes for a horrifying scene.