7 Movie Gangsters Who Tried To Go Straight (But Got Pulled Back In)

Wednesday, February 15 by
"I said I'm out." 

London Boulevard (On Blu-ray & DVD next week) stars Colin Farrell as a gangster who wants to put his gangster past behind after three years in prison. He takes up work as the bodyguard for a beautiful young starlet, but his old rivals see his value and insist that he work for them. This seems like a common position for a gangster to be in, but it’s true of any position. If you’re too good at what you do, why would anyone ever want to promote or release you? Trust me. I know. My old boss is still trying to woo me back to Subway. I have dreams, Ethan!

Here are seven other movie gangsters who found that getting out is not that easy.

Carlito Brigante – Carlito’s Way

Carlito Brigante gets out of prison wanting only to walk a straight path but he’s almost immediately pulled back into the life when his friends and cousins constantly beg for his help in their shady practices. Carlito, who is building his retirement fund, can’t say no and all of hte deals don’t go down as planned. This ends poorly for Carlito, who was inches away from tasting true freedom before his past came back to take him out.

Angelo “Snaps” Provolone – Oscar

Provolone promises his father on his deathbed that he’ll give up the life and go straight. His plan is to get into a legal version of crime — banking. However, when he realizes that the bankers aren’t giving him a good deal, he decides to stick to the world of illegal racketeering. What a half-hearted attempt. If I were his dad I would haunt the crap out of him.

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