London Boulevard (On Blu-ray & DVD next week) stars Colin Farrell as a gangster who wants to put his gangster past behind after three years in prison. He takes up work as the bodyguard for a beautiful young starlet, but his old rivals see his value and insist that he work for them. This seems like a common position for a gangster to be in, but it's true of any position. If you're too good at what you do, why would anyone ever want to promote or release you? Trust me. I know. My old boss is still trying to woo me back to Subway. I have dreams, Ethan!

Here are seven other movie gangsters who found that getting out is not that easy.

Carlito Brigante - Carlito's Way

Carlito Brigante gets out of prison wanting only to walk a straight path but he's almost immediately pulled back into the life when his friends and cousins constantly beg for his help in their shady practices. Carlito, who is building his retirement fund, can't say no and all of hte deals don't go down as planned. This ends poorly for Carlito, who was inches away from tasting true freedom before his past came back to take him out.

Angelo "Snaps" Provolone - Oscar

Provolone promises his father on his deathbed that he'll give up the life and go straight. His plan is to get into a legal version of crime -- banking. However, when he realizes that the bankers aren't giving him a good deal, he decides to stick to the world of illegal racketeering. What a half-hearted attempt. If I were his dad I would haunt the crap out of him.

Michael Corleone - The Godfather

All Michael Corleone ever wanted was a life free from the family business. But fate forced him back in time and time again. This is especially true in The Godfather Part 3, when he hands off all criminal dealings to a longtime associate and sells off his gambling interests to the other Mafia families. It's when he gets in bed with the Vatican that his luck takes a terrible turn.

His shady associates and new business partners make multiple attempts on his life, forcing him to protect his family by setting his men on them. In the end, he successfully leaves the life but pays a steep price to do so.

Tetsuya "Phoenix Tetsu" Hondo - Tokyo Drifter

Believe it or not, Tokyo Drifter is not about hydroplaning cars. The film follows Tetsuya, a member of the Yakuza gang whose membership comes to an end when his boss decides that he and his syndicate are leaving the world of crime. It's then that a rival gang leader tries and fails to recruit Tetsuya. Afraid that Tetsuya might screw up a large real estate scam, his former boss asks him to go away and not bug anybody. He agrees and adopts the drifter lifestyle until his rivals and former boss send an assassin after him. Then he's all like, "Hell nah!" In the quiet, precise Japanese way.

Michael Sullivan - Road To Perdition

Depression era enforcer Michael Sullivan doesn't so much make the decision to go straight as he does to go rogue. When his fellow associate (and brother by proxy) kill his wife and young son, he strikes out on his own to seek vengeance. It takes these actions for him to realize he's lived a misguided and violent life, which inspire him to want more for his surviving son. And he'll get him that if this one last job doesn't kill him first.

Joey Gazelle - Running Scared

New Jersey thug Joey Gazelle wants out of the life and finds the piece of leverage he needs to do it when a murder weapon is handed to him for disposal. However, when his neighbor's kid gets his hands on the gun all Hell breaks loose as Joey tears Newark apart looking for the lost piece, knowing that if he doesn't recover it he's not just stuck, he's as good as dead.

Marcus - Get Rich of Die Tryin'

Drug dealer Marcus dreams of getting off the streets and pursuing life as a rapper in 50 Cent's semi-autobiographical Get Rich Or Die Tryin'. Unfortunately, the streets don't offer a retirement plan and his former employers become his rivals, shooting him full of bullets. Miraculously he survives and is able to focus enough on his music to shake free from his former life but not before arranging the murder of his old boss.

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