Movie elves come in all different temperaments. Some are homicidal, and some are wide-eyed hippie idealists who just want to bring good cheer to the masses. Others still are chiseled and handsome with blonde hair and a cadre of friends trying to save Middle Earth. We'll stay away from the psychotic elves here and give you the graceful, immortal and perhaps silly elves instead. 

Buddy from "Elf"

Will 'Ferrell plays Buddy the elf in this 2003 film. The movie was once praised by Oprah's website, so you'd better watch it. While Buddy isn't really an elf, he was raised as one from infancy after finding himself in Santa's sack and landing at the North Pole. In his adult search for his human self in the USA, Buddy foils bullies in a snowball fight and saves Christmas after Santa's sleigh goes down in Central Park. 

Honeythorn Gump from "Legend"


Forrest wasn't the only Gump to hit the silver screen. This elf was a major player in the 1985 "Legend" starring Tom Cruise. Honeythorn (David Bennent) is a wise and rather feisty soul who hangs out with dwarves and pixies and encourages Cruise's character, Jack, to be a hero and save the day from the Lord of Darkness. If it wasn't for Gump's guidance, the action fantasy movie would have been pretty darn boring. Though, Gump is not the most convincing elf. He looks more like a half naked prepubescent boy, but he's as badass as three grown men. 

Hermey in "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer"


Hermey, voiced by Paul Soles, is a Christmas elf who would rather be a dentist. Hermey joins forces with Rudolph, who is also lacking job morale, and they travel to the Island of Misfit Toys. Hermey's dental aspirations become a reality when he saves Rudolph's parents from an abominable snowman by extracting his teeth. This little elf spends quite a bit of time prancing, dancing, and maybe even mincing around during his time with Rudolph. This 1964 TV special is a classic that airs multiple times per year during the holiday season, so you'll have no shortage of opportunities to catch Hermey in action.

Bernard from "The Santa Clause"


Tim Allen plays Scott, a man who kills Santa Clause and has to take his place to save Christmas. Bernard (David Krumholtz) is king of the elf pack who greets Scott upon his arrival to the North Pole and declares him the official Santa Clause. Thanks to Bernard, Scott even impresses his ex so much with his new status that he gains back visiting rights for his son. 

Jen from "The Dark Crystal"



In an age of tyranny on a planet called Thra, an elf-like creature named Jen saves the planet by uniting the Crystal of Truth which has been fragmented and scattered for 1,000 years. The mystic who raised him reveals his mission to heal the crystal. Jim Henson never made a bad movie, and this 1982 Muppet film was a first-class fantasy film.

Legolas from "The Fellowship of the Ring"


Never mess with an elf with a bow. Legolas was as slick as Robin Hood with those things, and he was a member of the traveling band  of voyagers who embarked to destroy the infamous ring of power at Mount Doom. In one scene, Legolas takes on a small army with the help of a 100 foot tall elephant like creature as well as the creature itself. It's truly a sight to behold, even if the elephant was all CG.

Eubie from "The Happy Elf"


Voiced by Rob Paulsen, Eubie is a happy-go-lucky Santa helper who's faced with the task of cheering up a small town of bad kids called Bluesville. This 3D animated town is quite gloomy, but Eubie becomes yet another hero who saves Christmas even after Santa takes away his magic happy powers for misbehavior.